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An Evening With The Walking Dead

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TheWalkingDeadSeason3.jpgStumbled across something very cool with the cast and some crew of the The Walking Dead.  I was unaware this, An Evening with The Walking Dead, took place.  It  took place February 5, 2013.  It is a sit down live chat with some of the cast and executives host by Chris Hardwick.  The best part about this is it was a live webcast but you can watch the re-play > here.  Found a copy of it on YouTube as well > here or below.  The YouTube version is a bit off.  Think the frame rate is low or something.  But still watchable.   As for the interview stuff it is very fun.  They all seemed to have a good time.  There was some good laughs.  If you are a fan of The Walking Dead it is well worth checking out.

The Walking Dead Season Three

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TheWalkingDeadSeason3.jpgTwo more days to go before the second half of season three of The Walking Dead starts.  I case you forgot that day is February 10, 2013.  I know I have talked about this two weeks ago but so excided to see what happens next.  Have watched the promo and video clip (below) a bunch of times.  They know how to hype the show for its return.  Pretty sure the second half of this season will be bigger and better.  With lots of surprizes.  Not sure what else to say other than I can’t wait.  We are so close to some more awesome TV.




The Walking Dead Season Three: Second Half Soon

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TheWalkingDeadSeason3.jpgIt is all most the end of January.  So that means we are close to the start of the second half of season three of The Walking Dead.  A little over two weeks to go.  Feels like the show have been waiting longer more than two months for some new episodes.    You might know I am a big fan of this show.  This show is tied with two others, Top Gear and Game of Thrones to be my very favourite.  Then are all start up again soon so there will be looks of good things to watch.  When the show ended Daryl and Merle were meeting face to face for the first time in a long time and there is a angry crowed all around them.  Looking forward to see what happens next.