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The Walking Dead Season 11 This Sunday

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Just a quick reminder that this Sunday (August 22, 2021).  Season 11 of the The Walking Dead starts.  This is the last season of the show.  So you know they are going to put a lot a great work into it.  Am a fan from day one.  Have all so read all the comic books so I know they will work more of that into the TV show.  This last season will be broken into three parts.  So will have lots of awesome Walking Dead to look forward to.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Trailer

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The_Walking_Dead.jpgThe San Diego Comic-Con (2021) happened over the weekend.  That means they put out lots trailers.  One is for The Walking Dead season 11.  Oh man, it looks super amazing.  Have been a fan since day one.  So it will be sad to see it all end.  However it will be a very long ended.  Have read that this season (the last one) will be broken up in three parts.  As for this amazing trailer you can see it > here or below.  We don’t have much longer for it to start.  August 22, 2021.

The Walking Dead Season 11

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The_Walking_Dead.jpgWe going to be seeing season eleven of The Walking Dead much soon than I thought we would.  There was been little videos popping up on their Facebook page with saying the show is in production.  Then at the end, says season eleven will start August 22, 2021.  I was guessing many be some time later in the fall or winter.  In other news, we have know for awhile this will be the last season and will have 24 episodes.  Have read theses will be broken into three, eight episode chunks.  Am very much looking forward to see how they are going to wrap all the stories up.

The Walking Dead Huge News

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Here is some huge news about the The Walking Dead show.  It is coming to end after season eleven.  Have been a fan since day one so it will be sad to see it go.  However there is some great news as well.  This season eleven will have 24 episodes. The past ones have had 16.  So my guess is they will air six then take a break for a few months and then air six more.  Another good thing about the show ending is they know in advanced. So they can have a good ending planed.  The last season will start airing some time in 2021.  My guess will be in October.  But wait there is more news.  Their will be another spin off show.  With the two most popular stars, Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride.  You can read about this > here.

The Walking Dead Season 10 News

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Have some good news The Walking Dead fans.  Season ten was delayed back in March 2020.  With not air date set at that time.  Well there is now.  It will air October 4, 2020.  There is another news as well.  They have add six more episodes to the season.  Which they said will air early in 2021.  Think this is great news.  All so the new show The Walking Dead: World Beyond will air on October 4 as well.  I know what I will be doing that day.  You can see the newish trailer for season 10 > here or below.

The Walking Dead Season 10 All Most Over

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At the end of March (2020) we learned that the very last episode of The Walking Dead season ten has been postponed.   So the one that aired this past Sunday (April 5, 2020) was will have to act as the finale until some time later this year when that last episode will be out.  This last half of the season as been really good.  As taken the show in a good direction.  Can’t wait to see what happens next.  Just know there will be a long wait for a new season.  As for the the other Walking Dead show they are or will be push back.

The Walking Dead Season 10 Finale Delayed

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Have some big The Walking Dead season ten news.  The season finale has been postponed.  There are two episodes left in the season.  The next one will air as planned.  The last has been delayed because they are still working in post production.  Since the TV and movie world has shut down like every thing else.  There people that do this work would be at home.  It does suck but that is the way it is.  In other news the show, The Walking Dead: World Beyond has been pushed back as well.  Will be keeping an eye out for when the do air.  The article I got this from is > here.