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The Walking Dead: Volume 25: No Turning Back

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The_Walking_Dead_Volume_25_No_Turning_BackAs you may know I am a big fan of TV show The Walking Dead.  So a few years ago decided to start reading the comic books, The Walking Dead, which the show was based off of.  Back then ended up getting the first two compendiums pretty cheap.  Then back in November bought the third compendium.  If you are not sure that they are.  They collect about eight volume of the trade paperbacks.  Trade paperback are the collection of about six issues of the comic books.  The third compendium ends will volume 24.   Have decided to buy each volume as they come out.  The next one out is volume 25 called No Turning Back.  The wikia says it will be out March 30, 2016.  Then on says April 5, 2016.  So it will be out in less then a month.  The only problem is do I read them all first or wait for the TV show to catch up to the comic.  The second compendium ends were season six episode 11 is at.  It is a tough choose.

The Walking Dead Compendium 3

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The_Walking_Dead_Compendium_3.jpgBack in the middle of October (2015) third compendium for The Walking Dead comic books was out.  However the day it was to be out.  Went on to it wasn’t there.  Saying,  “Usually ships within 1 to 4 months”.  Was a bit sad to see that.  Because I really want to read it.  There is good news though decided to check again on November 7 they had it again.  So order right then.   Should have it my hands Monday or Tuesday.  Can’t wait to read it.  Plan to buy all the next trade paperbacks that come after this compendium. Gift Card

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Amazon_Gift_CardHave recently received a gift card for  Was thinking what I should buy with it.  Then remember that third compendium for The Walking Dead comic books is out on October 13, 2015.  Do own the first two compendiums and part way into reading the second one.  By the time I finish reading that the third one should be here.  The plan is after I get this third compendium plan on getting all the trade paperbacks that are to come out in the future.  So can be update on the full story of The Walking Dead.

The gift card work great.  Just punch in the numbers and them money is there.  When you go the check out it uses that money first.  If there is any outstanding money owed it uses you normal mode of transaction.

[Update] Went to order the third compendium and it wasn’t available. is saying “Usually ships within 1 to 4 months”.  Not sure why that is since it only came out a few days ago.  Seen it on other online stores as well in real stores.  Will have to keep my eye out.

The Walking Dead Compendium One Review

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The_Walking_Dead_Compendium.jpgFinished reading the first The Walking Dead compendium.  May years ago read the first two or three trade paperbacks and really liked them.  All ways thought about getting all them but never did.  Years later the TV show started up and am a huge fan of the show.  Then this past December (2014) the first two compendiums were on sale so I bought them.   At first found it hard to get into.  This is because characters are different then from the TV show.  Once I got past that.  Really enjoyed reading it.  Ended up liking how the show and the comics differ.  While the the can share some of the same elements.  A lot of the events do not turn out the same.

Enjoyed reading this very much.  It is cool to see what elements they used in the show and how they changed things up between the two.  If you are a fan of the show or just into comics this compendium is well worth checking out.  It is a comic book that is more adult then most.  Which is a good thing.  There is violence and sex.  However that doesn’t get in the way of an awesome story.  When I was getting towards the end it turned into a real page tuner.  Now have to start reading compendium two seen what happens next.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

The Walking Dead Compendium 3

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The_Walking_Dead_Compendium_3.jpgBack in January (2015) learned that the third compendium for The Walking Dead comic books would be out in October 2015.  Well on May 19, 2015 they officially announced the full date.  Which will be October 13, 2015.  Once the listing is on will be adding to my wish list.  On a side note just about finished reading the first compendium.  At first found it a bit hard to get into the characters.  That is because the TV show is so much different.  After reading more have grown to like how they differ.

The Walking Dead Compendium 3

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The_Walking_Dead_Compendium_3Back in early December (2014) bought the two The Walking Dead comic book compendiums.  Haven’t started to read them yet.  A few more other books to get though first.  Was planning on buying the trade paper backs of all the volumes that come after the compendiums.  Have read some were there would be a third compendium.  It turns out it is true.  Back on January 13, 2015 they announced that the third one will be out October 2015.  Just in time for season six of the TV show.  Will be picking this up for sure.

The Walking Dead Compendiums

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The_Walking_Dead_CompendiumJust about every store and online store here in Canada has jumped on the Black Friday deals bandwagon.  Was checking things out.  Then see seen that The Walking Dead comic book compendiums were on for a good price on  For both one and two were selling for $29.11 each.  Could not pass this deal up.  Have been thinking about buying these for years.  They are both over 1000 pages each.  That will take me awhile to get thought them.  Once I am done reading those plan to buy the other trade paper backs.