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The Tester 2

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Watched the first episode of The Tester 2.  It is much better than last year.   Some  of the “cast” are not very smart.  Don’t want to give any way since if you are reading this you might not have see it yet.  But I will say if you are going on a show put on by Sony and is about games maybe you should play one and learn about the games they make.  I think and hope this year will be better.  From the previews there looks like a lot of fighting and crying.  Some might find that fun or just lame.

The Tester 2

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The PlayStation Network’s The Tester is coming back for a second season.  The first season was pretty good.  I hope they up production values this time around.  Not saying they were bad just felt a big rushed.  Of the 12 new cast some of they look like some really “winners”.    I watched some of their videos and wow some of the people do not stand a change of winning.  It show will start airing some time this fall.

The Tester

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TheTester Watched the first episode of The Tester.  The Tester is a new reality type TV show on the Playstation Network.   The show has 11 people competing to be a Playstation game tester.  Like every reality show the play some kind of a game or do a challenge.  Who ever is the worst will most likely be kicked out by the judges.  It is not ever original but what ever.  It is free on the Playstaion Network.  I do believe there will be 8 episodes.