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The Simpsons Family History Book Review

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TheSimpsonsFamilyHistory.jpgFinished reading The Simpsons Family History.  The book is big and full of pictures.  All most like one of those coffee table book.  If you are a Simpsons fan you more than likely know the story on how Homer and Marge met.  Most of the book covers this.  It puts everything in chronological order.  Over the years the show would have different backstories of how Homer’s and Marge’s relationship played out before they had Bart and got married.  So you will see old episode pictures mixed in with newer HD ones.  With quotes from the shows.

While the book is nice to look at there is not much content in there.  There are lots of pictures and quotes from the show.  Just not much else.  If you are looking for more behind the scenes or info on the show itself this is not the book.  As you can guess by the title.  It tells the story of how Homer and Marge met, had kids and got married.  The book is nice but only for the die hard Simpsons fan.  Wait for it to go on sale not worth the full price of $40.00.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

The Simpsons Family History Book

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TheSimpsonsFamilyHistory.jpgHave order myself a copy of The Simpsons Family History book a few days back (Oct 6, 2014).  Which should be here some time around October 15.  Seen a bunch of copies at Wal-Mart a few days back.  Was going to buy it when I seen it there.  The book is pretty big and heavy hardcover.   But had to put it back on the shelf because I didn’t have room in my backpack.  Was on ordering Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume 9: Monsters, Misfits and Madmen.  So decided to see what they were asking for the Simpsons book.  They were only asking $20.  Which is a sweet deal because the cover price is $40.

[Update] Received these books in the mail October 10, 2014.  That was really fast shipping.  Have all ready started reading volume 9.  Then can’t wait to get into the Simpsons book.  Flipped though it and it looks very nice.

The Simpsons 25 of the Greatest Guest Stars Mini Figures

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The_Simpsons_25_of_the_Greatest_Guest_StarsWell the other day stopped in at the local game/comic store.  While looking around found something I had to buy.  They has a box full of Simpsons miniature figures.  The thing is the were in blind bag packaging.  Which means you can’t see what one your are getting.  The figures are of the greatest guest stars that were on the show.   They were only asking $3 each.  So I bought three of them.  One was from series one and the other two are form series two.  You can read more about them > here.  Found out they all so make the same figures in a 5” tall ones as well as these mini ones.  From the pictures (below) I got Hugh Hefner, Roger Daltrey and Mark Hamill.  I might just go back and buy some more.  Just wished the store had the bigger ones as well.