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How To Do Everything: Book Review

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RedGreenHowTo What I am talking about is the newest book from Red Green.  The book is titled How to do Everything: From the Man who Should Know: Red Green.  All ways and still do enjoy the Red Green TV show.  This past Christmas I received the book as a gift.  Going to start writing a review and realized today I Jan 25, 2011.  So a month a go I got this book and finished reading it.  That has to be a new record for me.  Do enjoy reading but take for ever to finish a book since I don’t read ever day or hours on end.  So this must show that this is a good book.

Quick break down.  This is a great book with lots of laughs.  If you are any type of Red Green fan you should at lest check it out.  If you are a die hard fan just buy it.  Most of the subjects in the book are aimed at middle age handymen, which I am not, are still funny to read.

5 out of 5 GT  (GT = Good Times)

The Red Green Shop

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HBH-2 A few months back I talked about the new design of  Well they have a new shop page/website as well called The Red Green Shop.  They have some pretty cool stuff.  They have the standard shirts, hats and DVDs.  One cool section is called oddball stuff. They have a Harold and Bill Bobbleheads.  I just might pick one up.

Red Green VS MythBusters

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redgreen.jpgSome clips from the Red Green show are going to be on the MythBusters show called the Duct Tape Hour.  I have not seen it yet.  I do believe it aired October 14,  2009 in the US.  So it should be air soon in Canada.  With Red Green and the MythBusters being two of my favourite show, together it should be awesome.  If you miss watching the Red Green show you can watch episodes over at

Red Green Website

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red green The Red Green website got a new update.  It is about time they had been using a very old school design for years.  I all so found it a bit strange that they have updated since they show hasn’t been made in about three years.  But any who it is still nice to see that Red Green is still alive.  They are promoting the book We’re all in this Together and the The Red Green Story which aired on PBS in the states.  Now they are going to air it in Canada.  I have seen it.  It was one of the DVD’s in the Red Green Is Special box set I bought a little while back.

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iLaugh I came across a website calle  It a new comedy video site.  Most of the stuff is animation.  But they have The Red Green Show clips as well.  I am a huge Red Green fan.  Its great being able to watch some clips with out having to catch the re-runs on TV.   While looking a the Red Green website I just found out there was a PBS special that aired last month (Dec 2008 ) called The Red Green Story: We’re All In This Together. The cast talk about the show an what not.  It looks good.  I would love to see it.  Not sure when it will air again.  The show is all so promoting Steve Smith’s new book We’re All In This Together.  The book looks good too.  He talks about this life before, during and after the show.  Going to have to pick this one up.