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LEGO Brick Headz

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LEGO_Brick_Headz_BatmanCame across these cool little building toys from LEGO.  They are called Brick Headz.   There are three product lines.  One for DC, Disney and Marvel.  What caught my eye in the store was a LEGO Batman.  Took a closer look and they had a few different ones there.  There is Batman, Batgirl, Robin and The Joker.  Which are based of the LEGO Batman Movie.  Could not pass up buying one or two. So I bought Batman and Joker.  Thinking I might just go back and buy the the two to complete the set.  Have not put them together yet.  When I do.  Will post a picture.

The LEGO Batman Movie -Trailer

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The_LEGO_Batman_MovieThere is a new LEGO Batman movie coming out February 2017.  Which is called The LEGO Batman Movie.  This is not to be confused with the other LEGO Batman movie from 2013.  That one was based off the LEGO Batman video games and as since spawned five other movies.   This new one is based off of The LEGO Movie.  Once you see the trailer > here or below.  It shares the same type of humour and tone.  Which I think is awesome.  All so in the trailer you can see that the Justice League will play a part in it.