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The Grand Tour: Season 3 Trailer

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In the middle of November (2018) made a post talking about season three of The Grand Tour.  Guessed we would see a trailer very soon and the show might start again in December.  I was right about one of those.  On November 27 they put out a trailer.  Which you can see > here or below.  At the end it reads the season will start January 18, 2019.  Watched the trailer a few times.  Think it will be just as awesome as the past two seasons.

The Grand Tour Season 3

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There is is no official word let when season three for The Grand Tour will start.  But I am thinking some time in December just like season two.  There have been a few posts they made on Facebook.  Telling people there are ticket applications for their tent recordings.  In their last post on November 7, 2018.  They said they had the last two tent recordings to film.  So thinking there will be a trailer very soon.  When there is real info to share I will be back with more posts.

The Grand Tour Game

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The_Grand_Tour_GameWhile there is no word let on when season three of The Grand Tour will start.  There is some news to share.  That this years Gamescom (Think E3 but only bigger and taking place in Germany) they announced they were will be a game out about the show.  It is called The Grand Tour Game.  From what I have read.  It will be and episodic game.  There will be new content out with each episode of season three of the show.  Amazon is making the game with their Amazon Game Studios and will be on the PS4 and Xbox One.  From the trailer > here or below.  It looks nice but all so like a cell phone game.  There are some screen shots as well.  They show some four player split-screen, which is cool.  We all so see cars from the past two season.  Not sure when this will be out or a price yet.  Will be keeping my eye on it.



The Grand Tour Season 2

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Season two of The Grand Tour is winding down.  As I am typing this (February 6, 2018) there are only two episodes left.  Make a total of eleven for season two.  Season one had thirteen.  Then it was first announced that that there will be 36 episodes over three seasons.  So by my math there will be twelve for the third season.

Not sure what the rest of this season will bring.  Just know they still have the big road trip one.  That has been teased in the opening credits.  When you see Richard Hammond riding a motorcycle in the mud.  Think that will be the best film of the whole season.  Lookin forward to seeing what silliest they get up to next.

The Grand Tour Guide to the World Review

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Received a great book for Christmas, The Grand Tour Guide to the World.  Have been eyeballing this since I first heard about in October.  It took me two sits downs to read this.  This would be the fastest I ever read any book.  Mostly because there is a lot of pictures.  Which most of are pretty funny.  The others are behind the scenes.

The book is more of a comedy then a “car” one.  It shares the same sense of humor as the show.  They do use some of the same jokes.  There was a few times I laugh out.  There are some behind the scenes info but nothing that hasn’t been online all ready.  Did enjoy reading this.  If you are a fan of this show or the work these three have done in the past.  It is well worth checking out.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times(

The Grand Tour Season 2 News

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The hype train for season two for The Grand Tour is growing.  They have posted a bunch of short but very funny videos to their YouTube channel > here.  There is so other news to share.  Back on November 27, 2017 they posted some pictures on their Facebook page.  Which is nothing new.  Except it was Jeremy Clarkson standing next to two celebrities, David Hasselhoff and Ricky Wilson.  The second picture had Hasselhoff posing in front of a car with a helmet on.  So I am guessing that this season will have the racing around the track.  Like they did in Top Gear.  Will find out soon, December 8th (2017) is the day.

The Grand Tour Season 2

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A little over two weeks to go before season two of The Grand Tour starts.  Which happens to be December 8, 2017.  To build up the hype they have (so far) put two videos up on their YouTube channel.  That they are calling Making of The Grand Tour Season 2.  It has the three guys talking about some chances they are making to the format of the show.  The first video, which you can see > here or below, talks about getting rid of the celebrities dying before the can come on to the show.  The second, > here or below, has them getting ride of “The American”.  While putting out an ad for a new driver.  It’s all funny stuff.


Driver Wanted

The Grand Tour Season 2 – Premiere Date

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Have some awesome news to share about season two of The Grand Tour.  They put out a new trailer.  Which you can see > here or below.  In it, it shows all kinds of cool and crazy things they are up to on this new season.  At the end of the trailer they reveal the air date.  Which is December 8, 2017.  Was hoping it would be in November like the first season.  They again it’s not too far way.  A bit more than a month to go.

The Grand Tour Guide to the World

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The_Grand_Tour_Guide_to_the_WorldWhile still waiting to hear more about about season two of The Grand Tour.  Have just learned that they are putting out a book.  They posted a link on their Face Book page.  Which links to the UK version of Amazon.  Was thinking at first it might not be coming here (Canada).  So did a search on and it was there.  The book is called The Grand Tour Guide to the World. The listing reads that it will be a hardcover and released on October 31, 2017.  Think this will be very similar to the books they used to put out for Top Gear.  Lots of silly pictures and text.  Will be adding it to my wish list.

The Grand Tour Season 2 Teaser Trailer

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Last month we learned that the second season of The Grand Tour will start some time in October (2017).  Back on July 11, 2017 was Amazon Prime Day.  That is day if you are a Prime member you get kinds of awesome deal.  Amazon is all so air The Grand Tour.  So they put out a small teaser trailer.  Have watched it and it looks pretty amazing.  Found the teaser trailer on YouTube.  Just not sure how long before it will be taken down.  If might not be there the time I post this.  But you never know.  Click > here to see it (may be).  Pretty sure there will be full trailer out some time this summer.

[Update]  The teaser trailer in now on The Grand Tour’s  YouTube channel.  You can see it > here or below.