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The Elder Scrolls Online

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Have been playing the The Elder Scrolls Online for about four weeks now.  This is the longest I have ever stuck with an MMO.  Over all am very much liking the game.  It has the feel of Skyrim in ways but it’s own thing at the same time.  All so like how all the quest/missions are voice acted.  With that being said the quest while good can be pretty much all the same.  Mostly have been playing the story missions for each zone.  They all seem to have the same structure.  Get three to six items by killing the enemies.  Then bring those items to someone/place.  Going to try some other things to break the cycle up.  That is a great thing about this MMO.  There is lots of other stuff to do.  Think I will give more the the crafting a try.

The Elder Scrolls Online Collection: Blackwood

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The_Elder_Scrolls_Online_Collection_BlackwoodAm talking about the The Elder Scrolls Online once again.  Am having fun playing this game.  Seen on the PlayStation Store has the base game is on sale for Black Friday.  All so seen that the adds and collections are as well.  For about $27.00 (Canadian) you can get The Elder Scrolls Online Collection: Blackwood.  This includes the base game as well as five chapters.  Couldn’t pass that deal up.  These will add hundreds of more hours of gameplay.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Update

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A few posts back talked about jumping back into The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited.  Bought it years ago but had to stop playing it because it gave me headaches.  Have started over with a new character and played a bunch of quest and a little exploring.  Didn’t have any trouble.  All so the game seems to be running smoother than I remember.   Having fun playing.  May be this will be come my MMO I stick with.