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The Division 2: Warlords Of New York

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It has been a very long time since I last played The Division 2.  Thinking I have put about 50 hours in and am know were close to max level.  Or even finished the story missions.  Like the game a lot just got way from it since there are so many others to play.  Thinking I might just back in again because there is a new standalone DLC coming out soon called, Warlords of New York.  The story brings you back to New York many months after the out break.  In the first game it took place during Christmas time. Now it will be set in the summer.  It does look good interesting.  Being a standalone you don’t need to have the main game.  It gives you an option to level up to where you need to be.  It’s set to be out March 3, 2020.

The Division 2: Episode 1 – DC Outskirts

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It has been weeks since I last played The Division 2.  Think I have have around 50 hours into by now.  That being said have not reach level 30 yet.  Talking about the game again because the first story add on episode is coming out soon.  Called Episode 1 – DC Outskirts. The content will be free for all players.  The thing is not sure what level you have to be at to play it.  The content will have two new main missions, a new Expedition mode, new weapons and gear.  There will all so be balancing and bug fixes is my guess as well.  All this will start on July 23, 2019.  The expedition mode sounds interesting.  “Expeditions are split into three different wings for players to complete. Each wing has a specific theme and tone, and will be opened to players on a weekly basis. Completing all three wings grants access to an exclusive treasure room full of rewards.”  You can read the official blog post > here.

The Division 2 Hours Played

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Have owned a copy of  The Division 2 ever since it came out in March (2019).  Taking my time with it.  The past few weeks have not touched it.  Haven’t been playing much of anything.  Until last night decided to play it again.  Know a lot of people made it to level 30 with in days of the game being out.  Right now I am at level 17 with 48 hours played.  Even at this point still having fun with the game.  Think this is because the game mechanics are just so good.  The moving a shooting is very smooth.  My goal is to finish the main mission and side stuff.  Have so many games in back log now.  With many more I want to buy.  Need to start going faster with this one.

The Division 2 Hands On Update

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Have been playing the The Division 2 for over a month now.  Am still enjoying it a lot.  Still taking my time.  Playing all the side missions first.  Exploring and doing a bit of gridding to get items.  As of typing this (April 21, 2019) am at level 13 and played about 38 hours.  I don’t play everyday.  Somethings it will be days will go buy before jumping back in.  Every time I do there is something new I find, to use or enemy.  All so getting better at playing as well.  I die far less now.   There is still so much I haven’t seen let.  Don’t like rushing a game.  Think this is why I have so many in my backlog.  The most important thing about the game it is fun.  Recommend it muchly.

The Division 2: 1.05 Patch

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The first big content/patch is out now for The Division 2.  On April 5, 2019 they put out update 1.05.  The adds and fixes a lot of stuff.  Firstly it adds the mission Tidal Basin.  This is the strong hold of the Black Tusks.  They are the main bad guys once you reach level 30.  There are many fixes and changes.   Two things I noticed right way is they changed how the UI looks.  It is kind of the same but easier to read and understand more.  The other thing is the weapon mods.  Before each one at a positive and negative stats.  Now the negative is gone.  Like that. Makes it easier to choose which one to use.  You can read the full patch notes > here.

Am really like this game.   The more I play the more I get into it.  As you level up the world changes.  The bad guys get new types.  Keeps it engaging.  As I am typing this.  Am at level 11 and have played for 26 hours.

The Division 2 Update

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As I am typing this (March 22, 2019) have had The Division 2 for a week.  So far have played about eight hours and am at level 6.  Am liking this game a lot.  It is much like the first game but way better at the same time.  There is a lot more to look at and do.  There is all so a lot more loot to be found.  Finding it all over the place.   It pays to look around the open word.  Think the biggest change is the AI.  They all ways try an flak you.  In the first game you could pretty much stay in one cover spot and be fine.  This time around you have to move carefully. Have died a few times.  Because I got overwhelmed.  Just have to change the way I play.  Having fun so far.  Well worth the money.

[Since typing this up made it to level 8.]

The Division 2 My Copy

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Today is March 15, 2019.  This is the day the regular version of the The Division 2 is out.  Like a lot of big AAA games they are many different versions.  Some of those let you play the game early.  Seems silly to pay more money just to play a few days before everyone else.  Got my copy at Walmart.  They are running a promotion today and tomorrow.  If you buy the game they will give you a $15 gift card.  Well I went to pay for my copy.  The guy had trouble ringing it in.  I said to him, “It must because of the promotion.”  This was about 4:15pm.  So I am guessing I was the first person to buy a copy there all day.  Very weird.  Took him three phones calls to figure out what to do.

As I am type this the game is installing.  Game is about 45GBs and the day one patch is the same size.  This is one of my pet peeves about modern games.  If the game wasn’t ready when you pressed all  those discs.  Why do it.