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Batman Adventures Volume One

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Batman_Adventures_Vol._1Picked up myself a copy of Batman Adventures Volume One.  This is a collection of the first ten issues of the early 90’s comic book.  What made this one stand out it was based of the awesome cartoon series, Batman: The Animated Series.  Back in 1992 I bought and still have the very first comic book The Batman Adventures #1.  Then a while later bought #4.  All ways wanted to know what to know what the other issues were like.  So all these years later I will get to find out.

The Batman Adventures #1

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ThBatmanAdventures A few days ago had a post about the TV show, Comic Book Men.  Well watched the last episode of season one today.  Got thinking may be I have a comic book what is worth a lot of money.  So I dug out the box I have them in.  Don’t have a lot of them but figured the one I was thinking about might be worth it.  It was The Batman Adventures #1.  That was put on in 1992 that was based of of the TV show.  Thinking it is twenty years old it must be wroth a little bit.  I still remember buying it.   Bought it at Shoppers Drug Mart that was in of of the Halifax malls.  All so remember making sure not to ruin it in any way.  Thinking that some day it would be worth a lot of money.  Well not so much.  Did a search and found it ranging from $.50 up to $14.   The cover price was $1.50.   So I think I will put it back in the box.  Keep it there for another 20 years and check again.