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2022 Comic-Con + The Walking Dead

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The comic-con that takes place in San Diego, is happing this weekend.  July 21 to 24.  What’s great about this is, they all ways have trailers and info about all the cool upcoming shows/movies.  I think there will be a new trailer for Tales of The Walking Dead.  Since that show August 14, 2022.  All so think there will be a big trailer for The Walking Dead’s last part of season 11.  Am thinking that will start to air some time in October.

Tales Of The Walking Dead Air Date

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Back on June 6, 2022 AMC announced the start date for Tales of The Walking Dead.  This is a six episdoe anthology series.  From the pictures and teaser trailer, think most of the episodes will take place during the start of the apocalypse.  Am a big of of all the shows so will be watching this for sure.  I just hope it’s good.  We will find out soon enough as that start air date is August 14, 2022.

Tales of The Walking Dead Teaser Trailer

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A few Sundays ago (April 10, 2022) the second half of the three part season 11 of The Walking Dead ended.  Then the next Sunday, Fear The Walking Dead starts up again.  Looking forward to that.  Thinking when those episodes finish.  The last eight of The Walking Dead will air.  Now on to what this post is all about, Tales of The Walking Dead.   There is a new teaser trailer.  Which you can see  > here or below (unless it gets taken down).  This is to air some time in the summer.  It will consist of six episodes.  Will watch it when it comes out.   But think they might be doing too much back to back like this.  I just hope this series is good.

Tales Of The Walking Dead

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It has been known for awhile now that the next Walking Dead spin off show will be called Tales of The Walking Dead.   The show will be, “The series is an episodic anthology that will follow individual characters from the The Walking Dead TV universe, both new and old.”  There is some new news to share the put some names of the actors what will be in these episodes.  Some of them I know like, Terry Crews, Parker Posey and Anthony Edwards.  All so read that the show will be out some time this summer.  Will be keeping any eye as we get closer for a trailer.