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Survivor: Philippines Winner

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SurvivorPhilippines.jpgOne of the two people that I wanted to win Survivor: Philippines won.  That person is Denise.  Most times the final tribal council is can be a big crazy.  The person who I thought would cause the most trouble, Abi was pretty laid back about the whole thing.  It surprised me who laid into the final three.  That was Jonathan.  It was all fired up but all so pretty funny at the same time.   For the first time I missed the reunion show.  Had to be up early the next morning.  So I had to miss it.  By the time Survivor and the reunion show were it would have been 1am.  It has bad enough I was up to 12pm.  Had to get up for work at 5:30am.  Was pretty tired at work today.  But it was worth it to see who won.

Survivor: Samoa Winner Is…

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The winner of Survivor: Samoa is Natalie.  I was so sure that Russell was going to win. When the jury got to ask their questions and Erik when on a big rant it didn’t looks so good for Russell but I was sure Russell was going to still win.  Boy I was wrong.  I don’t think I was the only person shocked that Natalie won.

The next Survivor is called Villains vs. Heroes.  It is going to be another all-start season.  Not sure who the people are yet but will know soon enough.  It will start airing February 2010.

Survivor Winner Is..

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survivor-gabon-official-logo.pngThe winner of Survivor: Gabon is Bob.  It came down between Bob, Susie and Sugar.  I knew Sugar didn’t stand much of a change.  She didn’t get a single vote.  Which is to bad she did really well playing the game.  I was shocked that Susie got a few votes.  Bob got chewed out a bit.  But Sugar got it the worst.  Corinne was a real bitch to Sugar.  It was funny at the live reunion when the whole audiences booing her when they showed the clip of her being a bitch to Sugar.  Over all it was a great season.  Can’t wait for the next one to start.