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Shaun of the Dead

Posted in Just something to say with tags , , , , , on October 24, 2020 by getbent57

While I am not a big fan of Halloween.  Don’t mind watching a “scary” movie at this time of year.  A long time ago my plan was to watch Shaun of the Dead every year.  That didn’t happen.  So going to try again this year.  This is an awesome movie and holds up well.  Do believe it is on Netflix.  But I own a copy of Blu-ray.

Halloween 2015

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pumpkin.jpgI am not big into Halloween.  Sure the candy is good and even better when it goes on sale the the next day.  Most Halloweens try to watch a scary movie.  However most of them are crap.  So a few years ago decided to watch the same movie every year.  That movie is Shaun of the Dead.  It’s hard to believe this movie is a 11 years old now.  Still remember the first time seeing it.  It was and still a blast to watch.  So that is what I will be doing eating Rockets and watching this.

Happy Halloween.

Shaun of the Dead

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ShaunOfTheDeadHalloween is today.  While I am not a big fan.  It is still a great time to watch movies.  Have not seen Shaun of the Dead in years.  This comedy zombie movie is so much better than so may “scary” zombie movies.  It is ten years old this year and it holds up very well.  Even when you see them using cell phones.  Not sure how many times I have seen this but it makes me laugh every time.  If you have never seen this you are miss out on a good time.

Happy Halloween.

Hot Fuzz On Blu-Ray Review

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HotFuzz A few days I picked up Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead in a Blu-ray double feature.  I love both these movies and it was a good price so I could not pass it up.  The picture on blu-ray movies blow me away ever time.  I mostly watch DVD’s so I see a huge difference of the better.

On onto the review.  I seen this movie then it come out in theatres years ago and love it.  I still do.  It starts off as a fun British comedy then turns into a mystery.  Next it is a cool action flick.  Still keeping the funny all they way though.  Not may movies can pull that off.  Shaun of the Dead does this too.

This is a much watch.  It has every thing cool you want to see in a movie.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)