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Top Gear Series Twenty One Burma Special

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topgear-logo.jpgThis Sunday (March 9, 2014) is the day that Top Gear will air part one of this series special.  Which is being called the Burma Special.  Like past series the special it will be broken into two parts.  The second half will air the next Sunday, March 16th.  The plot for this special is, they have the team trying to build a bride over the river Kwai in Burma.  To do this they bought three second hand lorries off the internet sight unseen.  Pretty sure this will be an epic and most funny episodes of the series.  You can check out a small trailer for the special > here or below.

Top Gear Series Twenty One Pictures

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topgear-logo.jpgWe are so close to series twenty one  of Top Gear starting, I so can not wait.  It will be back on TV February 2, 2014.  Lost track of how may time I have talked about Top Gear and this new series starting.  While we wait to see a trailer and the show to start.  While not look at some pictures from the new series.  There is one which has a crane with a tent on the end, high in the air.  Which looks like James May in the tent.  So we know that is going to be a fun show.  You can check them out > here or below.






Top Gear Series Twenty One Teaser Trailer

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topgear-logo.jpgBack on January 18, 2014 the BBC put out a teaser trailer for series twenty one of Top Gear.  Being a teaser it is very short.  But very funny.  Show Jeremy looking very board driving as trucks go by.  At the bottom of their blog post > here.  They say, “We’ll have lots more useful information on the new series in the coming days/weeks. Stay tuned.”  So my guess the new series will be starting February 2, 2014.   Well that is what I am hoping for.  You can check out the teaser trailer > here or below.

[Update]  There are teaser for James > here and Richard > here as well.

[Update Number Two]  I has be confirmed. Series twenty one will start February 2, 2014.

Top Gear Series Twenty One

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topgear-logo.jpgHave some new information to share about series twenty one of Top Gear.  Have read that there will be seven episodes.  There will all so be a special will be a part of that seven episodes.  The internet is calling it the Burma/Thailand Special.  There is no official start date yet.  Some are guessing January 26, 2014.  All so read one day it might be February 2.  Either way it will be starting up soon.  I am sure with in the next few weeks there will be an official word out as well as a trailer.

Top Gear Series Twenty One

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topgear-logo.jpgHave good news to share.  We are very close to series twenty one of Top Gear.  Have been looking about once a week to see when the new series is going to start.  Someone on Twitter asked Jeremy Clarkson when it will start.  Clarkson replied January 23, 2014.  That happens to be a Thursday someone pointed out.  So It might be starting January 26, 2014.  Hope this info is true.  Need some new Top Gear.  Would be nice if it started soon.  But we will find out soon enough.