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The Oath

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TheOath.jpgThese three webisodes called The Oath are the lead up to season four The Walking Dead.  This is the third time they have and webisodes out just before the new season starts.  Think this is a great idea.  They are a  some what standalone videos set in the Walking Dead world.  They story will tie into season four so how.  If you have not seem them let go check them out.  Think they are the best webisodes yet.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

The Walking Dead Season 4 Webisodes

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TheOathLike season two and three The Walking Dead season four will have a webisodes for the official season starts.  These webisdoes are all ways good.  They show a different view point from other survivors.  Their show ties into the main storyline in spots.  For example, if you remember from the first season when Rick finds a bicycle next to half a zombie.  Season two webisodes focus on her story and how she ended up that way.   The three part series is tilted The Oath.  They will come out October 1, 2013.  On and their YouTube Channel.   Season four starts October 13, 2013.  So looking forward to seeing all this Walking Dead stuff.

[update] I know today is the Third but that is one of the pit falls of writing blog post in advance.  Oh you can still check them out > here.