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microSD Card

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SanDisk_microSD_CardBack in January (2015) bought myself Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.  The 8GB model thinking that should be fine.  Well find that filled up pretty fast back in May.  During free comic book day.  That was because gave way lots of digital comic books.  So every since then have been watching the flyers to seen if I could get a microSD card for a good price.  Seen lots of 16GB ones.  But wanted a 32GB one.  Found one the other night for about $30.  Am sure could have found a cheaper one.  But wanted a good one.  Bought the SanDisk Ultra Plus 32GB.  About try it in my tablet.  Will be back with an update.

[Update] It works great.  Am very impressed that it had 30 GB of useable space.  Most times you never to close to what the label on the box says.

Google Play

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Google_PlayA few days back bought myself a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, 7” version.  It runs Android and as a Samsung app store.  It all so has Google Play.   So there are all kinds of app, movies, books and want not.  Some of these are free.  Others cost money of course.  The prices are all over the map.  Didn’t really want to give on credit card info.  So picked up a $25 gift card.  Which is very easy and fast.  Once you logged into you Google account there is text button called Redeem.  Put the code in from the gift card.  Then your money is right there in your account.  I know you can buy apps and what not.  But wanted to you if that money can be used inside of apps.  Download the DC Comics app.   Once that’s installed.  You need to create an account inside this app.  Was looking around the app and there is a lot to look at.  Decided to buy one comic to see how it works.  Picked the first issue of Green Arrow from The new 52.  It was only $.99.  Clicked the buy now button. It asked for my Google password then it download.  Reading the comic on the tablet was very nice.  The app can break the comic panels up so you only see on at a time.  Can see myself buying more this way.  While I like have the real ones.  It nice to be able to get out others that I might be interested.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

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Samsung_Galaxy_Tab_4_7Got myself a new toy this past Friday, a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, 7” version.  Have been looking at getting this one for a while now.  It was on sale a few weeks back.  But missed out because it was a weekend only sale.   So when I seen they had it again on sale at Future Shop had to go for it.  Had two gift cards to use as well.  So got it for a good price.  Didn’t really want to get a bigger version.  Not just because they cost more.  Want one I can hold in one hand.

Have to say it is a very nice device. The screen is clear and bright.  There are all kinds of apps both on the Samsung store as well as Google Play.  If you all ready have a Google account all you have to do is sign in.  Going have to get a screen protector.  The screen has so many finger prints all ready.  All so a case.