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No Man’s Sky Expedition: The Blighted

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A day after the new update for No Man’s Sky was out, called Outlaw.  The sixth expedition started, The Blighted.  Was off that day so managed to get the first phase done.  So far this one plays some what like there others, while adding different goals.  Like the others this will run for about five weeks.  With past expeditions I did run into some trouble with some of the goals.  That is where YouTube comes into help.  Just some times you have to wait a day or two to get the answers.

No Man’s Sky Expedition: Exobiology

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Have been posting a lot about No Man’s Sky as of late.  Over a week ago they put out the update called Sentinel.  In the patch notes they said a new expedition was on they way.  Well on February 24, 2022 this new expedition called Exobiology started.  It will run about Six weeks.  This is the fifth expedition.  Have done all the others so will be giving this one a go as well.

No Man’s Sky Sentinel Update – Royal Multitool

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This past weekend gave the new No Man’s Sky update Sentinel a try.  Well didn’t try all the new things they added.  Just wanted to get the new multitool type they added called the Royal.  it comes in a bunch of different colours.  Watched some videos on how to get these but it seems a bit too much work.  So looked up other videos were people all ready have some found and marked out.  Survival Bob put out a great video, (which you can see > here or below) that shows five different ones.  Wanted a blue one and lucky this videos shows how to get that one easily.  Now my goal is to upgrade it.