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Man vs. Bee

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Man_vs_BeeNot sure why I didn’t blog about Man vs. Bee Netflix show when the trailer came out a few weeks ago.  Well the show is now out.  It stars the awesome Rowan Atkinson.  What’s different about this show, is the episodes are short.  Some are about 11 minutes long.  I think it was a going to be a movie and the chopped it up.  Did watch the first two episodes.  It has Rowan doing the comedy he is very known for.  Which it great however it is very predictable.  Going to finish the series and then many be I’ll do a review.

Johnny English Strikes Again

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Johnny_English_Strikes_AgainThere is a new Rowan Atkinson movie on the way.  He has made a new Johnny English sequel.  It is called Johnny English Strikes Again.  Did like the first two movies.  The second one is better.  Think this new one will be even better.  Has been seven years since the last movie was out.  When you see the trailer > here or below you can see that they moved along with the times.  The movie is set to be out September 20, 2018.

Not The Nine O’Clock News – I Like Trucking

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NotTheNineO'ClockNews-ILikeTruckingThink the internet is a funny crazy place.  At one moment you are looking at some interesting which leads to looking some totally different that is comedy gold.  This is how I ended up seeing I Like Trucking from the old BBC TV show Not the Nine O’clock News.  Have heard of this show because Rowan Atkinson was in it.  Ok, back on track.  I was watching one episode of shows, Random Encounter.   In this show they play a random game.  Most times they are pretty bad games.  The show is funny as the guys react to how bad the games are.  The episode I was watching they were playing Transport Simulator.  During one point one of the guys asked what is your favourite trucking song.  They the other guy starts singing I Like Trucking.   How know idea what that was.  Until I scrolled down into the comments.  Where someone posted the video > here or below.  It is very old but still funny stuff.

Olympic Opening Ceremony

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RowanAtkinsonOlympics As I am type this the opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympics is still going on, with all parade of athletes.  The opening was really good.  Most of the time the opening is strange and hard to follow.  How ever this one was easy to understand what was so going.  It was a great show.  The way the mixed the people with the stage show, the music and video on such a huge scale was just awesome.

It was all great but the dance number with all the music though the years dragged on a bit too long.  Some stand out funny stuff was with Daniel Craig (playing James Bond) with the Queen.  But by far the best moment was with Rowan Atkinson playing the song Chariots of Fire with London Symphony Orchestra.  If you haven’t seen it you can see it > here.  But not sure for how long since these things get taken down pretty fast.


Rowan Atkinson On Top Gear

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Was looking up info about series seventeen of Top Gear.  Saw some cool news.  Rowan Atkinson is going to the guest in the “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car” in episode four.  This is pretty cool.  Have all ways wonder if he would ever be on this show sine he is a big gear head.   He all so has a new movie coming out Johnny English Reborn.  Watched the trailer is does look pretty funny.