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Roku Streaming Stick

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RokuStreamingStick.jpgMay months ago made a post taking about the Roku HDMI Streaming Stick.  Now that I have Netflix and want to be able to use that on another TV.  I use my PS4 on my TV.  So bought  the Roku for a second TV.  The setup was all most painless.  Once you have it plugged into the TV and setup with the wireless network.  It gives you a code that you have to put in on your Roku account.  First you have to make account which is pretty standard.  Until you come to the payments option.  They want your credit card info.  Not a fan of give out that info.  Thought I was out of luck then seen you can tie it you a Pay Pal account.  So that is what I did.  When that’s done you input the code on the TV and it does its thing. That is pretty much it.  Login to Netflix and was good to go.

Google Chromecast

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ChromecastA few posted back talked  about the HDMI streaming device, the Roku Streaming Stick.  Here to talk about another one that is similar but with some different features.  Its the Google Chromecast.  Have heard of the Chromecast but never paid much attention since it was only in the US.  Well now it’s available in Canada.  It is much cheaper than the Roku.  Amazon has it for > here for $39 and they going price of the Roku is $60.  It’s cheaper because it doesn’t come with a remote and some different features. You can use a laptop, phone (Android and iOS) or a tablet to navigate around.   One advance the Chromecast is one of the things what work with is is the Good Play Store.  Now thinking about getting this one.   Will have do some more research.

Roku Streaming Stick

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RokuStreamingStickThere is a very interesting new Roku coming out.  It’s called the Roku Streaming Stick.  There are lots of streaming devices out there that yet you streaming pictures,  shows and movies to your TV.  If fact there are a few different Roku models out there.  What makes this one stand out is, its the size of a usb thumb drive that plugs right into a standard HDMI port.  To get power to the devices there is a micro USB.  If you TV has a powered USB port you can plug it into that or it comes with a power adaptor.  The remote doesn’t need line of sight either because it runs off of Wi-Fi.  All the info I am reading says there will be over 700 channels of content.  Of course there will be your premium stuff like Netflix.  But there will be other free stuff.  I know some of the free stuff will be very old and boring stuff.  But there might be some good stuff as well.  However for the price, $60 its well worth looking at.  You can pre-order it now.  It set to come out soon.  Amazon says March 28, 2014 and Future Shop says April 4, 2014.  Going to look into getting one of these.