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Richard Hammond’s Crash Course

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Got to see the first episode of Richard Hammond’s Crash Course.  Have seen shows like this before.  Were some one goes into a situation and has so many days to learn a new task.  This show has Richard learning to drive big heavy machines.  The first episode has him learning to drive a tank.  Seen this type of thing before as well.  While Richard does make it some what fun to watch.  The show was very boring.  Not sure if I want to check out the other episodes.   While a big fan of Richard the show is run of the mill.  Might sound a bit harsh since I have only seen one.   May be I should at lest watch one more before passing judgement.

Richard Hammond’s Crash Course

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CrashCourse Was watching AOTS last night and they were interviewing Richard Hammond.  We was on there promoting his new BBC America show called Richard Hammond’s Crash Course.  The idea behind the show is Richard has three days to learn how to really big machines.  Then do some kind of challenge.  I am sure this will be a great so since Richard is very funny.  The show it start airing April 16, 2012 on BBC America.  Not sure it will air on BBC Canada.  Looked on the website it doesn’t have any thing.  Hope they do would really like to see this.

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