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POLYMEGABack in February (2017) learned about a cool new device that would let you play your classic video games on new TV’s.  It was called RetroBlox.  They have since changed their name to POLYMEGA.   There are all kinds of devices that do this does. What makes this one standout.  It doesn’t emulate the games.  It reads them like the original machines do.  The other big differences is the modules.  Which they call Element Modules.  The base unit has a optical disc drive.  Which you can play PlayStation one, TurboGrafx-CD, Sega Cd and Neo Geo CD games.  On the base unit you place the modules.  There are ones for NES, SNES, Genesis and TurboGrafx-16.  You can use the controller that comes with it.  Or you can plug in your classic controllers that go along with ever module you using.

There is know news on a price point for the base your modules yet or when it will be out.  It does look and sound pretty cool.  Don’t think it for everyone. But if you are into colleting retro games or have some games you would like to play again.  It could be a great option.


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RetroBloxCollecting and playing old “retro” video games is getting more one more popular all the time.  Just read about a new device that if you are into playing old games but don’t want to have them all hocked up.  There are a few different options out here.  This one is called RetroBlox.  What makes this one standout is it’s modular.  Basically what it is, a base unit.  Then you attack different modules to it.  For example you want to play NES, Genesis and the like games.  You attack that module to the base unit.  It will all so play some CD based gams as well, PSX and Sega CD.

It sounds pretty cool.  It is not out yet.  They are doing a Kickstarter first.  What will be in April (2017).  They put an FAQ on their website > here if you are interested