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PlayStation Plus October 2016 Game’s Line-up

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PlaystationPlus.jpgOctober list of free games for PlayStation Plus members is now out.  There are some bigger games this time around.  There are all so some indies again.  Have to say this month is much better than most.  You can read the official blog post > here.   Should be able to download them October 4, 2016.


Resident Evil.  This is the HD remastered version of the PS1 classic.

Transformers: Devastation.  Have heard good things about this one.  Might give it a try.


Mad Riders.  This is an arcade ATV racing game.

From Dust.  One of those world building god games.


Code: Realize — Guardian of Rebirth.  Some kind of Japanese visual novel.

Actual Sunlight.  Says its an interactive story.  Sound interesting

Resident Evil: Retribution Review

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ResidentEvilRetributionHave seen all the Resident Evil movies.  The newest one is Retribution is number five in the series.  There is a sixth one in the works.  Some of this movies are bad and some are ok.   This one falls in the ok section.   It is boils down to an mindless action movie.  That’s not all ways a bad idea.   It has all things that all silly action movies have.  Endless bullets with endless bad guys to walking in front of them.  Silly story line.  Then a big fist fight at the end.   Let it is all it is a very entraining.

Not the best Resident Evil movie.  Still fun to look at.  Even if some of it doesn’t make any sense.  There is some very bad dialog.  Forget all that it just  mindless fun.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Resident Evil: Afterlife Review

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ResidentEvilAfterlife Watched the newest Resident Evil movie Afterlife.   This is the fourth movie in the series.  It is much better than the first two movies.  The best one in my opinion Resident Evil: Extinction is the best one.  Enjoyed that one the most.  Not saying this new one is bad.  Had some pretty sweet action.  All thou some of it was designed for 3D so it looses some of it’s affect in two dimensions.  They story does bring some closer.  All so leaves it one for another sequel.

This is a good sequel.  Not sure if you have not seen the other movies you might not know what’s going on with the characters.   Give it a rent.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Resident Evil 5 Demo

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resident-evil-5.jpgI tried the Resident Evil 5 demo on the Xbox 360 and the PS3.  I get this right out of the way.  They both look the same.  Taking about how they look, it looks very pretty.  The character modes are some of the best I have seen.  I haven’t been in to playing the Resident Evil game since the second one came out.  This one is not going to change my mind.  It is very similar to number four, in the way you interact with the world.  The controls have changed but you still move around like you are stuck on some thing.  The movement in the Resident Evil game has all ways been bad.   I think this game is for the fans of Resident Evil.  Not sure if it will bring new players in.  If you loved number four you will love this one too.  I think.

Resident Evil: Degeneration Review

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residentevil There is a new Resident Evil movie out.  It is call Resident Evil: Degeneration.  It is one of the CG animated straight to DVD movie.  That is not a bad thing.  What good about this Resident Evil movie is they use characters from the video games.  And they look like the do in the games.  The animation is top notch, but like most CG movies human hands still look funny.  Being a Japanese movie the dialog loses something.   There are some great action scene.  They can pull of crazier stuff being animation and all.

If you are a Resident Evil fan go watch it now.  Even if you are not a fan this is a great movie.

4 out of  5 GT (GT = Good Times)