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A few post back talked about audio hiss problem I was having with my Cannon EOS Rebel T5i.  After looking up help on the found a great tutorial > here.  The tutorial uses the program Audacity.   Well I gave this a try.  Recorded a small video, something like he did.  Followed the steps.  Must say it worked great.  The hiss sound was gone.

The small problem I ran into was trying to import my video file into Audacity.  There is an easy fix for that as well.  You just need to install two plugins, LAME and FFmpeg libraries.  This is pretty easy as well.  In the program you navigate to Preferences then Libraries.  There are buttons to download LAME or FFmpeg.  They both take you to the same page.  Download the both files and install.  Once they were installed imported the video clip.  The audio is there.  So did what the guy said in the tutorial.  Exported the audio as a wav file.  Imported that file into my editing program.  Then replaced the original audio with the fixed one.  Was very happy with the results.

Removing Audio Hiss

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AudacityHad some time to play around with my new Cannon EOS Rebel T5i.  Have an external microphone attached, RODE VideoMicro.  Am still learning all the features and what not.  While playing back some videos.  There is this very annoying hissing sound.  I knew I would have to adjust the audio level manually.  Which is pretty easy to do.  Just have to learn what is the best setting for that.  The biggest thing I learned was about removing the hiss with the program Audacity.  This program has been around for a long time.  Used it a few times back on my first computer.  Found a great tutorial on YouTube.  You can see that > here.   Plan to run some more test to get the video and audio just right.