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Survivor: Redemption Island Finale

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The finale for Survivor Redemption Island airs tonight (May 15, 2011).  I not know a few days ago made about post about this same topic.  It is just want to remind people that it is on.  Have tomorrow off so I will be able to stay up and watch the reunion show.  I know for a fact that Philip is going to make that a fun watch.  Have watched all 22 seasons and each one is better than the last.

[UPDATE]  Rob won.  He all so won the fan vote of a $100,000.

Survivor: Redemption Island

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There are only two episodes left for Survivor Redemption Island.  One more regular episode then it is the finale, Sunday May 15, 2011.  Followed by the reunion show.  So far this season as been great.  Can’t wait to see who wins.  As much as I want Rob to get voted out It would be really funny if he did win because he played them all.  Wonder if Philip will make to the end.  He would make a very interesting finish.

Survivor: Redemption Island

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SurvivorRedemptionIsland The 22 season of Survivor called Redemption Island started last night (Feb 16, 2011).  It was a great first show.  With Rob and Russell back, on different teams made it interesting.  All kinds of good stuff happened one lady found the hidden idol with out any clues.  Just like Russell did in his first season.  A guy named Phillip seems to be missing a few bricks but very funny to watch.  With the Redemption Island thing coming to play should make for a great season.

Survivor: Nicaragua Winner

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The winner of Survivor: Nicaragua is Fabio, his real name is Jud Birza.  It was one of the closest victory’s in a long time.  He won by just one vote.  That makes him the youngest winner yet.  As good as this season was looking for the the new one in February 2011.  It is being called Survivor: Redemption Island.  The season will change the game in a big way.  Which is nice to see.  The new change is (This is from Wikipedia)

“When a contestant is voted off their tribe, instead of leaving the game, they are taken to the area known as Redemption Island. There, they will have to sustain themselves in the same manner as when they were with their tribe, living on limited food and water supplies and shelter. When the next contestant is voted off, they are also sent to Redemption Island, and the two people will face off in a duel challenge. The winner remains in the game, living at Redemption Island, while the loser is finally removed from the game. At pre-determined points in the game, the person at Redemption Island will have a chance to return to the game and be reunited with the remaining players in the game.”

Love this idea.  Will make it more fun to watch.