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In this weeks video for the YouTube Channel, I’d Rather Watch Paint Dry, talk about Redbubble T-Shirts.  Have seen many channels have t-shirts and other merch with TeeSpring embedded below their videos. Looked into this option and a few others. Decided to go with Redbubble since they have a distribution center in Canada and deals with Canadian money (As well as others). Put two designs on there and ordered one of each. Happy with the way they turned out. You can see the video > here or below.  You can order them at the link below.

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Redbubble_LogoAbout a week ago made a post talking about setting t-shirts online for my channel, I’d Rather Watch Paint Dry.  In that post talked about using  Since then have discovered there are many of these web services.  They let you upload art work in which can be put onto many different products.  They take care all of money and shipping stuff.  If you do sell an item you get a bit of money.  Many YouTube channels have this though

After looking into it more.  Have decided to go with  They have a place in Canada so the shipping costs will be much better than the other sites I looked at.  Some of the others are asking $12.00 shipping on one t-shirt.  That is way too much.  Haven’t made an account let at Redbubble yet.  My plan is set up one and do some test art.   Buy some products to see what its like before I make a official link on YouTube.

Red Bubble

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RedBubble Came across an interesting website today called  Have seen a few website like this one before but this one seems better.  What the basic idea is people upload their act/pictures and what not to be sold a t-shirts/prints/cards and the like.  The company, Red Bubble, does all the printing and shipping.  Looked around the site a bit and found a cool Game of Thrones hoodie (picture below) I would like to buy.   Faked filled out the shipping info to see what the shipping cost would be at it wasn’t too bad.  But it didn’t list the due fee.  I think the stuff ships from the States so there must be a due on it.  May be I will bit the bullet and order it.