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Red Green: The Wit & Wisdom TV Special

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redgreen.jpgBack in October 2011 a bunch of us went to see Red Green when he was doing this Wit and Wisdom tour.  If you didn’t have the chance to see the show in person now you can, kind of.  Because tonight (December 22, 2012)  over on the Comedy Network at 9pm they are going to air an hour of the Wit & Wisdom tour.  Can’t wait to see it.  If you are a Red Green fan or just want a good laugh stop what ever you are doing and sit down and watch this.  In other Red Green news he is going on tour again in the Fall with an all new show.  Sadly he is not going to be here this time around (but here is hope).  Check out the tour page to see if he will be were you are.  It is a must see show

The Red Green Show On YouTube

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Not sure why I have not talked about this before but any who.  Have to tell you about Red Green or what I should say is The Red Green Show.  There are a bunch of full episodes of the show on YouTube > here.   According to the Red Green website they will eventually have all 300 episodes uploaded.  This is awesome news.  Looking forward to the day when I can start at episode one and make my way all the way to 300.  On the website they have a searchable PDF file of a break down of the episodes they have uploaded with links to the clips/episodes > here.   Well worth checking out.  Red Green is awesome.  All so heard at some point they are putting out a DVD of this Wit & Wisdom Tour.  That is another thing I will have to get.

Red Green: The Wit & Wisdom Tour

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Got to see Red Green at his Wit & Wisdom Tour last night (Oct 20, 2011).  Man it was a blast.  He was funny as hell.  He talked about the show a bit.  Told some very funny jokes.  Wish I was good at remember jokes and telling them because they were awesome.  Didn’t stop laughing the whole time.  My jaw hurt afterwards.

Part way though the the call of the Possum played.  He showed how to do the lodge motto, “Quando omni flunkus moritati”  (When all else fails, play dead”).  Got all of us to stand up and do it.  And just like the tv show as soon as we finished he told us to sit down.  Very funny.  Next was the man’s prayer, “I’m a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess.”  He stared off saying it then trailed off.  While every one that knew it keep saying it.  Then he yelled out, “I knew you knew it.”

Had a great time.  Every one there was having a blast as well.  The lady sitting in front of me has busting a gut when he started with the wife jokes.   So glad the tour came here.  Well wroth the money.  The best was I got my picture taken with him and he autographed my book.  Pictures below.



Red Green: The Wit & Wisdom Tour

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So happy Red Green is taking his Wit & Wisdom Tour to Cape Breton.  He will be at the Savoy Oct 20, 2011.  I know it is a while off yet but can’t wait.  Will be buying a ticket.   Will go by myself if I have to.  Have been a fan of Red Green I would guess 20 years.  Still watch the re-runs.  Have a bunch of DVD’s.  All so have his latest book, How to do Everything: From the Man who Should Know: Red Green.