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Red Faction On PS4

Posted in Just something to say with tags , , , , , , , , on July 8, 2018 by getbent57

Back in April (2018) bought a copy of Red Faction of the PlayStation Store for the PS4.  It was part of a sale and got it for $2.00.  This the first game I bought when I got my PlayStation 2.  Don’t think I every beat the game.  Well the other day got around to trying this out.  Have to say it runs great on the PlayStation 4.  Sure the graphics are dated but the game runs smooth.  Took me awhile to figure out how to save the game.  Forgot the touch pad on the PS4 control acts as start and select, depending on what side you push.  Going to see if I can finish it.  So far I can remember some of the levels.

Red Faction On PS4

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Red_FactionI can still remember buying my PlayStation 2 and the game I bought with it was Red Faction.  What made this game standout it has a “Geo-Mod” feature.  This let you destroy parts of the environments.  Which is pretty cool for a game back in 2001.  Well the PlayStation Store is running a Double Discount sale (ends April 24, 2018).  They have a while range of games on sale.  If you are a Plus member you get an extra discount.  One of these games is Red Faction.  The regular price is $20.00.  The sale price is $10.99 and if you are a Plus member you get 45% off.  It was going for $2.00. Could not pass this one up.  Have yet to play it.  Am sure it will looked very dated but should still be fun to play.

Red Faction Guerrilla Demo

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Xbox360owp_INTL3Party_temp.indd Tried the demo for Red Faction Guerrilla demo today.  Red Faction was the first game I bought when I got my PS2 many years ago.   So it is nice to see a new Red Faction game coming out.  This time around it is a 3rd person instead of a fps.  Of course you can break in the environment.  But this time every thing breaks.  The demo shows this off nicely.  They give you three weapons to start with a gun, sledgehammer and a remote bomb.  There is some thing cool about smashing stuff with the sledgehammer.  Things break about with lots of detail.  The demo is timed which sucks. They give you 10 minutes to finish the mission or you can do what I did go around and break stuff.  Once you die or run out of time you start from the beginning.  This game looks very promising.  Give the the demo a try for sure.