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Red Dead Online – Blood Money

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Red_Dead_Online.jpgThere is a new mode out for Red Dead Online called Blood Money.  Which came out on July 13, 2021.  While I haven’t gotten to try it yet.  Did see some videos.  It does look interesting.  They re-worked and had some new story missions in.  So having a different way to play the game is nice as. On my next day off plan to give it a try.

Red Dead Online

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Red_Dead_Online.jpgIt has been all most two months since I have gotten back into playing Red Dead Online.   Mostly play with my brother who is really into the game.  I like it a lot as well.  It has improved a lot since it came out of beta.  Can remember when it was first out you couldn’t do much with out other players killing you over and over again.  That being said, it is know were like that now.  Can only think of two times were others gave us any trouble.  In my last post talking about this game.  Was at level 42.   Now I am at level 66. 

Red Dead Online XP

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Yet again talking about Red Dead Online.  A few weeks ago started to playing again with my brother for the most part.  Am having a much better time with the game then when it first game out.  They add a lot of stuff.  So it makes it easier to get money but you still need to put the time in.  The biggest change is getting XP.  With the new Rolls (jobs) the give out big XP if you finish them.  When I Jumped back in was about level 28.  As of typing his (March 14, 2021) am out level 42.  It did help that those two weeks they were running extra XP events.  However have been helping my brother out with his missions and still was getting lots of XP.