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Red Dead Online – Blood Money

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Red_Dead_Online.jpgThere is a new mode out for Red Dead Online called Blood Money.  Which came out on July 13, 2021.  While I haven’t gotten to try it yet.  Did see some videos.  It does look interesting.  They re-worked and had some new story missions in.  So having a different way to play the game is nice as. On my next day off plan to give it a try.

Red Dead Online

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Red_Dead_Online.jpgIt has been all most two months since I have gotten back into playing Red Dead Online.   Mostly play with my brother who is really into the game.  I like it a lot as well.  It has improved a lot since it came out of beta.  Can remember when it was first out you couldn’t do much with out other players killing you over and over again.  That being said, it is know were like that now.  Can only think of two times were others gave us any trouble.  In my last post talking about this game.  Was at level 42.   Now I am at level 66. 

Red Dead Online XP

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Yet again talking about Red Dead Online.  A few weeks ago started to playing again with my brother for the most part.  Am having a much better time with the game then when it first game out.  They add a lot of stuff.  So it makes it easier to get money but you still need to put the time in.  The biggest change is getting XP.  With the new Rolls (jobs) the give out big XP if you finish them.  When I Jumped back in was about level 28.  As of typing his (March 14, 2021) am out level 42.  It did help that those two weeks they were running extra XP events.  However have been helping my brother out with his missions and still was getting lots of XP.

Red Dead Online Helpful Map

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A few posts back talked about jumping back into Red Dead Online with brother.  I like doing the collector roll.  This has you going all over the map picking up items.  They can be sold as an item.  But they are worth more as a set.  The biggest draw is it gives you lots of XP.  There is a downside.  To find the items most time you need to buy a map.  Which only give you three locations.  Once you get those, you need to buy another map.  However there is a great online map what pretty much shows you every location for every item in the game.  It can do a lot more was well.  It is called the Jena Ropke Collectors Map.  Which you can check out > here.  I have been using it for a week it its has made it so much faster to level up and make a bit of money.

Red Dead Online Jumping Back In

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About a week or so ago jumped back into Red Dead Online with my brother.  Haven’t really played the game since some time in 2019.  When the new job rolls first came out.  Well I must say the game has gotten better since then.  Spent most to the time helping my brother out with his jobs.  While working on collecting things along the way.  Made more money and gained XP this way.   Another think that I noticed was there didn’t seem to be many griefers around.  Played for hours and was only shoot once.  Thinking I am going to keep playing some more.

Red Dead Online Roll Update Hands On

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The new update for Red Dead Online came out this past Tuesday (September 10, 2019).  Have been looking forward to trying out the new Rolls since they first announced it weeks ago.  The one I wanted to try first is the Collector.  I found the 54 hidden playing cards in GTA Online weeks ago.  But for some reason still had to pay the 15 gold bars to start up the Roll.  Turns out I got an item to start the roll.  To start they give you a free map. Which show three items to collect.  When you bring them back you can sell them or not.  It is best to hang on to them until you get a full set of each type of items.  In the long run you will get more money.  Then you can buy another map which shows three more items.  You can only use one map at a time and each costs a different amount.  For far went though three maps.  This roll is more of take your time and in the long run will get lots of money.  But you still need to be doing other things to make money along the way.  Not sure if will keep playing.  Might try another roll along with this one.  Just need to make some more gold first.

Red Dead Online New Update September 10

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Back at the beginning of August (2019) they announced there was a big new update coming to Red Dead Online.  This main things being add are three new Roles, Bounty Hunter, Trader and Collector.  Over at the Rock Star Games Newswire the have a post > here, breaking down how it all works.  It all sounds very cool.  They are add and fix a lot more too.  Near the top of the article they talk about dramatic improvement to player control.  The Role I want to try first in the Collector.  To get this started you need to acquire the Collector’s Bag which costs 15 gold bars.  However if you have found the 54 hidden playing cards in GTA Online you get the bag for free.  I did that weeks ago.  Glad I did now.  Looking forward to seeing how this all works.  Will find out very soon.