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Free Play Day: Red Dead Online Fishing

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In this weeks video for the YouTube Channel, I’d Rather Watch Paint Dry.  Add another entry into the Free Play Day series.  Again playing Red Dead Online Beta. This time around go fishing.  With the goal of seeing how much money I can make in about twenty minutes.  Fishing in this game is really good.  It can be relaxing.  Have my favourite spot I like to go to. Sure there are better place to caught fish faster.  I like this scenery at my spot. On a nice sunny day it seems all most real.  You can give the video a watch > here or below.  Do you like games with fishing in them?  If so, which are your favourites?

*Side note recorded this footage back in January. The game has change a lot since then.

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Red Dead Online Beta Update

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There was a big update out for Red Dead Online on February 26, 2019.   It is not just gameplay balances.  They are adding all kinds of new stuff like weapons and cloths.  There will gameplay modes and challenges.  One that caught my eye is the competitive fishing.  If you choose to take part the game gives you all the gear you will need.  Just need to go to the right body of water.  To win you have to have the highest weight total in fish caught.  All so other players can’t shoot you.   Which is nice to have.  You can see all what will be add at the RockStar Games official post > here.

[Update] Tired out some of this.  The game does seem run better.  They added daily challenges.  There were seven to do.  Some of them seemed silly while others seemed to hard.  One was to eat five fresh produce.   While one had you shoot five players from a moving train.  Forget what the others were.  Did do the eat the fresh produce.  Which gave me 200XP and 0.01 gold.

Red Dead Online Beta Update

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The time I have spent in the Red Dead Online Beta has been fun.  Sure like every online game there are people who just go around killing you over an over again.  This game it’s pretty easy to get away from them.  In the future it will be a lot better.  On January 10, 2019 RockStar Games put out a new update the online beta.  This added a new game mode called Gun Rush.  Basically it is a battle royal mode.  It looks fine but haven’t tried it yet.  What has me more interested is what they are planning for the future.  You can read their News Wire post > here.   To combat people being jerks they are changing the parley system.  This will let you more quickly avoid aggressive players.  They will be all so changing the player map blips.  It will be hard to find you on the map.  Unless you are a jerk.  Your blip will get darker and people will be able to see you farther way.  Of course there will be lots more to come.  Will keep play for sure.

Red Dead Online Beta Hands On

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Have been playing some of the Red Dead Online Beta.  Have tried it by my self and with two others.  There has been some problems.  It is a beta after all.  They have these to fix the bugs.  The game has crashed a few times for all of us or we would just be kicked off line.  With that out of the way.  Did have some fun.  Played some of the story missions.  They were really good.  I hope the add more to the full online mode.  Another thing I want to talk about is the gameplay.  It works much like the main game.  Have played hundreds of hours of GTA Online.  So during the mission would play it like its that game.  Didn’t work out so good.  You need to take your time.  Plan each shot.  This makes it more fun.  Hunting is all so in the online mode.  From what I have read there are 100 animals.  Each can be killed and sold for money.  This is the best way to make to get money.  Not sure when the game will be out of beta.  But do know there will be some updates this week and next.

Red Dead Online Beta

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Red_Dead_Online_BetaThere is news to share about Red Dead Redemption 2 online part, Red Dead Online.  The beta starts tomorrow (Nov 27, 2018) for those who bought the Ultimate Edition.  On Wednesday anyone who played on launch day (October 26, 2018) will get to try it.  Then on Thursday for those who played between Oct 26th and 29th.  Lastly on Friday all those whose own the game can play.  All so tomorrow Rockstar Games will be showing off more of that online will be like. You can read the official article > here.

I am still not far into the game. Made it to chapter three.  Will be giving this online beta a try on Thursday.  That is my day off work.  Wil be back with many more posts about this for sure.