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ReBoot: The Guardian Code

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ReBoot_The_Guardian_CodeBack in 2013 first read about there was a ReBoot, re-boot in the making.  The original was an awesome animated show.  This new one is called ReBoot: The Guardian Code.  It will be a live action and computer animation mix.  There is a trailer out.  Which you can see > here or below.  It does look pretty bad.  Mind you it is designed kids.  Seams like the type of show that would be on the Disney channel.  Here in Canada it will air on YTV this June (2018).  In other places it will be on Netflix staring March 30, 2018.

ReBoot: The Definitive Mainframe Edition

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ReBoot.jpgMy copy of ReBoot: The Definitive Mainframe Edition came in the mail today (January 3, 2014).  Didn’t think I would see this until the sixth or seventh.  When I was younger I would watch this show at my cousins house.  Think I seen most of the episodes.  But they were never in order.  So it will be nice to sit down at watch it from the start right to the end.  The box set all so come with a bonus disc.  Which has a making of, a look back feature with a co-creator and animated character models.  Can’t wait to start watching.  Warning Incoming Game.


ReBoot: The Definitive Mainframe Edition

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ReBoot.jpgBack in 2011 the DVD box set for ReBoot came out.  It is called ReBoot: The Definitive Mainframe Edition.  Well a few days back on December 28, 2013 was having Boxing week sales.  The big deal of this day was this Reboot box set.  They only wanted $25 for it.   That is 64% off.  The non-deal price is $69.95.  So I couldn’t pass this up, so ordered it.   Think this has be the best deal I have ever gotten.  Should have it in my hands around January 7, 2014.  We be back with another post with pictures when I get it.

ReBoot Is Getting A Re-Boot

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ReBootOne of the coolest animated shows is getting a re-boot.  All most twenty years since ReBoot first started to air the people at Rainmaker Entertainment are bring the show back.  This was one of the best shows ever to be on YTV.  It was all computer generated.  The characters lived in a computer world.  Where they had to win in coming games to save the city of Mainframe and all so stop the viruses like   Megabyte.  Think they will have to update some of the lingo in the new show.  But if the show holds true to to the first series this should be an awesome show.  No word with the show will air.  When I find out I will be back to tell all.

ReBoot: The Definitive Mainframe Edition

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ReBoot One of my favourite things to kill some time is to flip though the DVD sections on just to see what’s new or coming out.  On June 28, 2011 a box set containing all four seasons plus extras of one of the best shows ever, ReBoot. will be out.  The box set is called ReBoot: The Definitive Mainframe Edition.  Amazon has a very good deal. They want $48.99.  Looked around others places and they want a lot more than that.  Not sure if I will pick it up but is very cool thou.