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Twister OS

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Twister_OSA few months ago not to try out Twister OS.  This an operating system for the Raspberry Pi 4.  What makes this one standout is that it has built in themes which look like other OS.  Like Window 95, XP, Mac and more.  It is very cool.  Well I got to try it again.  Another friend has bought a Pi 4 and he wanted to have RetroPie on it will out loosing the Raspberry Pi OS.   Then I told him about Twister.  So he went got another MicroSD card.  Then I set it up for him.  A very simple process and it has RetroPie built in.  Then set that up as well.  There is all so a way to run the games off a USB drive.  Very impressed with everything I tried.  When I do get a Pi 4 or a Pi 400 will be putting Twister OS on it.

Raspberry Pi 400

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Raspberry_Pi_400_KitFor a few months now have been watching videos on the Raspberry Pi 400.  This is a Pi 4 built into a keyboard.  Think it’s pretty cool.  You can get kits that come with everything you need.  Just need to have a monitor or a TV to hook it up to.  The kit even comes with a big beginner’s guide book.  The reason I am talking about this is because I got to try one out.  A friend has bought a kit.  Am very impressed with how well built it is and how well it works.  He even tried a few different OS on.  There is so much that can be done.  Thinking I might just get one.