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Queen – Who Wants To Live Forever

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queen.jpgHave been a fan of Queen’s music ever since I was young.  Ever now and again I sit down and listen to all my favourites.  There are so many awesome song.  Here are a few of them, Hammer To Fall, One Vision and A Kind of Magic just to  name a few.  There is one song that all ways that sticks with me.  It all ways picks me up if I am a bad mood.  It is Who Wants to Live Forever.  It is one of those songs that can send a shiver up you spine.  It helps if you put on a good pair headphones.

Queen On YouTube

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queen There have been Queen (the band) videos on YouTube for a long time now.  How ever they have there official Channel now.  This is pretty cool because you get high quality video.  There is around 160 videos they have posted so far and they keep adding more.  I have been a fan of Queen for years.  They have so many good songs.  Here is one of my favourites.