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Queen – ’39

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Queen_A_Night_At_The_OperaHave been listening to the  Queen Forever deluxe CD for a little while now.  There are so many awesome Queen songs.  Have a heard this song many times over the years.  But have rediscovered, ‘39 which is on the second CD on Queen Forever.  So this is the song I am picking for this weeks musical throwback Thursday.   The song is off their fourth album A Night at the Opera.  Which was released in 1975.  This album is most famous for Bohemian Rhapsody.  Must give this song a listen > here or below.

Queen Forever

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Queen_ForeverThis past November (2014) there was a new Queen album out called Queen Forever.   All most bought when it as first out.  Wanted to get the Deluxe 2CD version.  Went look at for it at one store but they only that the regular version.  Days later on while on see it on there and added to my wish list.  Then forgot all about it.  Then last week when I as placing a new Amazon order check out my wish list seen that it was on sale for only $7.99.  So I had to buy.  Am listing to it now (January 9, 2015) as I am typing this post.  There are song I know and some I don’t.  The biggest thing is there are three all new tracks.  From the original Queen line up.  It has vocals from Freddie Mercury before he died.  All so bass tracks from John Deacon before he retried.  So for it is I am liking it.  Will have a full review once I hear both CD’s a few times.