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Watch Dogs 2 Review

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Watch_Dogs_2.jpgFinished all the main and the side mission in Watch Dogs 2.  Just of some extra stuff to do.  So think its time for a review.  Over all had lots of fun with this game.  It is leagues ahead of the first game.  It plays better and looks better.  The story is really good as well.  More light hearted.  All the characters a lot more enjoy able to listen too.  You can tell the game makers listened to what the players had to say.  The only thing  I didn’t really like was.  They did improve the motorcycle handling but not enough.

Had a blast playing this game.  The hacking puzzles worked like they did in the first game.  But they were much easier to figure out but still challenging .  Which is a good thing.  Only had to look up help once.  Did not try the online modes.  so can’t talk about them . This game didn’t seem to get a lot of buzz.  I think it is well worth your time and money.

5 out of 5 GT = (Good Times)

Watch Dogs 2

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Watch_Dogs_2.jpgTalking about Watch Dogs 2 again.  Have put some hours into to the game now.  Am enjoying it  a lot.  Like I said in my last posting taking about the game.  It is much better than the first one.  The world is more fun to run around in.  The biggest change is there is more stuff to “hack”/interact with.  One of my favourite things is.  You can take over NPC’s cars.  You can get it go forward, backwards, left or right really fast.  So say there is a police car following you can stop them in there tracks by telling the car to go backwards.  I cracks me up every time.  If you see the game going cheap pick it up for sure.

Watch Dogs 2

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Watch_Dogs_2Received a copy of Watch Dogs 2 for Christmas.  Enjoyed playing the first game.  It did have some problems.  So far has played about may ten hours.  This second game is much brighter and cheery.  There is more a light hearted with the story and dialog.  Which so far is it makes is more fun to play.  The map is pretty big.  Filled with lots to look and do.  Have sent most of the time looking around.  Collecting stuff and doing side missions.

There is a lot more you can do with the “hacking”.  Which is pretty cool.  You get a RC and a drone.  They are some in handy during missions.  Sometime you have to use them.  They did improve the motorcycles in this game.  However they are still not that great.  So far am liking the game.