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PlayStation 4 Update 8.00

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On October 14, 2020 Sony put out a system software update 8.00.  It comes in at around 476MBs.  So its pretty small and quick to download.  When first read about this new update > here.  Figured the file size would be huge.  It does add some new things most stuff I wouldn’t be bothering with.  This did ad a nice new way to use 2-step verification.  Oh the biggest change is to the Trophy system.  It work with a level ranking now.

PS4 System Software Update 4.50

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PlayStation4.jpgThere is a new software update coming to the PlayStation 4 soon.  It will be update 4.50.  The biggest feature this adds is, external HDD support.  This is great of people don’t want to or the know how to upgrade the internal hard dive.  To use this feature all you need a USB 3.0 external hard dive.  Just plug it in.  You will be able to store game and applications on it.  Your game saves will still be on the internal one.  The HDD can be up to 8TB.  Think this awesome news.   Of course the update adds more than that.  You can read all what it does > here.   There is now date set yet.  They are just saying in the coming weeks.

PlayStation 4 – 4.00 System Update

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PlayStation4.jpgThere is a new system update in the works for the PlayStation 4.  This 4.00 update will be in public beta soon.  Then some time after that everyone will get it.  The big take ways from this update is they are refreshing the UI (User Interface), adding organization tools,  updating the quick menu and changing how the user profiles look.  Of course there is more to it than that.  You can read about it > here.  There are all so some pictures on there how everything will look.  Thinking some time this fall the update will be out for everyone.

PlayStation 4 2.50 System Update

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PlayStation4.jpgBack on March 26, 2014 PlayStation 4 got a system update, 2.50.  This update has a kinds of new stuff.  The two biggest things are Suspend/Resume and Back up and restore HDD to USB.  The first one will let you while playing a game press the PS button and choose rest mode.  It will stop the game and save your spot.  When you are ready to play again.  You just need to press the PS button again.  This is a pretty cool feature that has long be in the works.  They first talked about it back even before the PS4 was out.  The other bigger feature back up to USB is awesome as well.  They had a similar feature on the PS3.  This one however is much better.  Because backups pretty much everything.  Like your saves, settings even patches and download data.  Going to try this new feature our for sure.  You can read all about this and the other features > here.