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Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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Kingdom_Come_DeliveranceHave been blogging about Kingdom Come: Deliverance for four years now.  The game is now very close to coming out.  About two more weeks to go.  Will be out on February 13. 2018.  As much as I am looking forward to trying this out.  I might wait a bit before getting it.  Firstly not sure how well I will like it.  Know it will be awesome.  But will it hold my interest.  Will have to watch some real world game play.  Secondly,  the month after this is out Far Cry 5 is out.  Getting that day one for sure.  So don’t think there will be enough time to play and finish Deliverance.  That being said will get a copy at some point.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – PS4 Gameplay

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Once again taking about the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance.  This time because there is a video for gameplay running on a PlayStation 4.  Watched some other gameplay videos and they were pretty much showing the same content.  However this video, which you can see > here or below.  Is from the PlayStation Access YouTube channel.  It shows part of a different quest.  It has voice over from two people taking about.  Have to say the game world looks really nice.  Sure you will see some texture pop in.  However this is still time for them to fix that.  Because the game is set to be out February 13, 2018.