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DiRT 5

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Am a big fan of the DiRT games.  At this point of time, (November 2021), DiRT 5 has been out for a year.  There is a sale running on the PlayStation Store and it’s there for a good price.  The thing is I like to own most games on disc.  Took a quick look on and see there were some re-sellers asking too much.  Thinking I might check out the local Walmart or Best Buy to see if they have any copies or a good price.  If not just might bit the bullet and buy it digital.

DiRT 5

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It has been along time since I talked about DiRT 5.  An a big fan of this series so will be getting myself a copy.  May be not right way since there are so many awesome games coming this last part of the year.  It was original planned to be out in October but got pushed back to November 6, 2020.  This is one of the games that will be on current and next gen systems.  Have read if you have the current gen copy and upgrade your system it will work.  Adding a visual upgrade.

DiRT 5 Trailer

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DiRT_5If you stopped by this blog over they years you might know that I am a big fan of the DiRT games.  Have some good news to share DiRT 5 is on it’s way. It is much different than DiRT 4.  Which is my favourite because it took it back to mostly rally racing.  This one however is something like DiRT 2 and 3 which a mix of the Forza Horizon.  From the trailer, which you can see > here or below, it does look like a fun racing game.  Codemasters are at the top car game makers.  The game set to be out in October (2020) on current and next gen consoles.  One of the features that has me interested is four player split screen.  Do hope the feature is on the PS4 version.  That is the version I will be buying.