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PS4 Minecraft

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PS4_MinecraftThis past weekend (January 24 to 26) Sony had their 10% of in the PSN store.  This was the promotion they were having for the PSN being down at Christmas time.  The 10% came off when you when to check out as long as you put the special code in.  The code was easy to find it was right there in the store and all so on the PlayStation Blog.  If you were buying a lot of things this 10% would have a bigger impact.  For me only had $20 in the wallet.  So decided it was time to buy Minecraft.   So saved two dollars off with the 10% code.  Tried the PS3 version of Minecraft back in December 2013.  Have been thinking about getting myself a copy every since.  Haven’t tried the full game yet. Still working my way though Far Cry 4.

Minecraft Demo

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Minecraft.pngNow that Minecraft is out now for the PlayStation 3 I had to check it out.  Like I said in my other post talking about this game.  Heard lots of great things about this game but never got to try it.  Well I was in luck.  Went on the PSN to see how much it costs, $19.99.  Turns out there is a demo available to try.  Has to be one of the smallest file size game out there, about 86 MBs.  After going part way thought the tutorial I can see why this game is a huge hit.  The game is all about colleting, crafting and building.  It can be very simple and complex at the same time.  I can see myself buying this at some point.  If you are like myself and never tried this game.  Go and give it a shot.  It’s well worth it.