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Dark Cloud Jumping Back In

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It was back in 2016 that I bought a copy of Dark Cloud for the PS4.  Played it for a bit but moved on to other games.  Back in the PS2 days played the game so much broke the in game clock.  This past November (2021), played a little bit and stopped again.  Well near the end of December jump back into the game big time.  Don’t mind the grind in this one.  May be play for half hour or so and level up a weapon a few times.  Then move onto fixing up the village.  Can’t remember if I beat the game on the PS2.  Just know that I maxed out one swords stats.  May be I will try and finish it on the PS4.

Dark Cloud On PS4

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Have been playing a bit more of Dark Cloud on the PlayStation 4 as of late.  It was back in 2016 got it on sale in the PlayStation Store.  This is one of my favourite PS2 games.  Back in the PS2 days played it so much broke the in game clock.  Mostly what I have been doing now is upgrading my main weapon.  Like most RPG’s you need to do a lot of grinding.  Don’t really mind that too much in this game.  Just may be a half hour at a time.  So when it comes time to move on to the more higher levels will have a easy time getting though.

Dark Cloud On PS4

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Dark_CloudLast week on the PSN there was a sale for PlayStation 2 games on PS4.  One of them was Dark Cloud.  I love this game and still own for my PS2.  When I seen that it was only going $7.49 I had to buy it.  Played about two hours. The game is pretty much how I remembered it.    The graphics are up-rezed a bit.  There is trophy support.  Which is cool.  The kind of downside but not a big deal is.  The resolution is 4:3.  Well that was how the game was designed.  Its only jarring when you quite back to the PS4 menu screen.  Were everything is HD again.  So far very happy to play this game again without having to hook up my PS2.

PlayStation Plus Special PS2 On PS4 Sale

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PlaystationPlus.jpgWhile this new sale on the PSN is not a flash sale there are still great deals to be had.  This sale is for only PlayStation Plus members only.  The games on sale are PlayStation 2 games.  There are 18 in total plus one bundle to chose from.  Ranging in price from $5.00 to $9.00.  The bundle is the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy going for $17.49.  The sale runs form May 31 to June 7, 2016.  You can see what for sale > here.  One of the games is Dark Cloud.  The regular and non Plus member price is $15.  The sale price is $7.49.   Said to myself long ago, If this game every goes on sale will buy it.  The only problem is there isn’t enough money left in my account.  Will have to pick up another card tomorrow.