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Lets Talk Medal of Honor

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In this weeks video for the YouTube Channel, I’d Rather Watch Paint Dry.  Talk about Medal of Honor (1999).  This is one of the first games to ever pull me into its world on the PlayStation. There was real tension in the air.  By today’s standards it’s very basic. That being said there is still fun to be had playing this.  Back in the day played so much. Could get though the first level without taking a hit.  Didn’t have that luck this time round capturing the footage.  Still think this game is well worth your time.  You can see the video > here or below.

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Road Rash Video Games

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Road_Rash_3Have been trying out a bunch of different game with RetroPie running on a  Raspberry Pi 3 kit.  Was trying to think of old Sega Genesis game my brother and I used to rent back in the day.  Then it hit me, Road Rash.   The one I remember most is Road Rash 3: Tour De Force.  Decided to play the first two before playing this one.  They all pretty much the same at the core.  You race a motorcycles dodging obstacles and other racers.  While trying to knock them off their motorcycles.  The first game was out in 1991 then in 92 the second one was out.  You can see a big jump in the graphics.  In 1995 the third game was out.  This third one is much more fun than the other two.  The motorcycles control better.  Another good feature it has, you can keep you weapons between races.

TOCA Championship Racing

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TOCA_Championship_RacingA few post back talked about how I ordered a The Raspberry Pi 3 and going to use it run RetroPie.  Which is a game emulator.  Was trying to think up so old games I all ways wanted to try.  Then TOCA Championship Racing came to mind.  For many years I would collect the Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine.  This magazine run for about ten years.  Just about right up the the end it would come with a demo disc.  During the PlayStation (one) era this disc had lots of great stuff.  One that I can still remember is the TOCA demo.  Mostly because we all played it for hours.  Think it had only one track but it was fun because you can totally trash the car.  When you crashed part or parts of the car would go flying off.  So we used to just drive the track backwards to see how much chaos we could cause.

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

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Crash_Bandicoot_2_Cortex_Strikes_BackGot to hang out with my sister this past week, who I have not seen in years.  During the evenings we decided to play the old game, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back.    Which came out for the PlayStation in 1997.  At this point have not played the game in many years.  This was the very first game I bought with the PlayStation back in the day.  The game game holds up really well and still fun to play.  Even with its frustrating at the same time.  The controls are still good and easy to use.  Like a lot of platform games there will be many deaths.  However, thought of a plan that never occurred back when I first got the game.  Which is to play the first level over and over again to rack up lives.  So that is what we did.  It made it much better the get though the tougher levels.  Overall we had fun playing it.  Can see myself going back to see if I can finish the game.  I did once.  Wonder if I can do it again.