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Landy Mini By 3D Sets

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Landy_Mini_By_3D_SetsFound an interesting model I would like to print over at Prusa Printers.   It is called Landy Mini by 3D Sets.  The people over at 3D Sets make awesome models that are for turning into RC cars.  The model on Prusa Printers is free to download.  There are 47 files to print.  Then you put it together.  But you will need some screws.  In the instructions they show which ones to get.  Am thinking I will give this a try when I get some more PLA.  Am all most out and this model will use a lot.


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PrusaSlicerAs you may know I have Elegoo Mars 3D printer.  Now that I have an Elegoo Mercury and an ultrasonic cleaner have jumped back into printing things.  When I first got the printer my brother wanted a 3D model of a shotgun shell upsized.  Found one online so that is what I wanted to print.  The auto supports in ChiTuBox are not so great.  So decided to try my hand at doing it manually.  Once that was done ran it though the program Photon Validator.  This finds un-supported islands so you can fix them in ChiTuBox.  Did that and is it seems fined.  Started to print it.  When I check on it about 35% done, this is about the spot you can see the built plate.  Seen that the shell was not stuck to the plate.  It had failed.

On a Facebook group for awhile now have been reading that people have been using PrusaSlicer to add auto supports and then do the slicing in ChiTuBox.  This Slicer is made to be used of the Prusa printers but you can set it up to be used with their resin printer.  That is what you use to add the supports.  Watched some video on how to and it is easy enough to setup.  Gave it a go.  As I am typing this the file is stuck to the build plate and looking good.  Thinking I will keep using these three programs to make 3D printing so much easier.  Will be back with an update once the shell is done.

Original Prusa Curing and Washing Machine (CW1)

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Original_Prusa_Curing_And_Washing_Machine_CW1A few weeks back talked about the 3D printer Original Prusa MINI and at some point would like to get one.  They make very good printers.  A few days ago seen a video review on a new resin one they have out.  A long with that they put out a curing and washing machine called the CW1.  I have an Elegoo Mars.  So this had me interested because have a device that can help clean and cure your prints would be awesome.  In the video he reviewed that as well.  It looks simple and easy to use.  So took at like at the website and seen the price.  Then my bubble burst. They are asking $700.00.  That seems like way too much.  Am sure it worth a bit of money but that’s out of my price range.  However if they do drop to a more realistic price might get one.

Original Prusa MINI

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Original_Prusa_MINIThinking about getting another 3D printer.  Right now I have an Elegoo Mars.  Which is awesome.  However it is winter so it more difficult to use in my house.  The resin needs to be at certain temperature to get the best results.  All so you need some good ventilation.  That is why I am thinking about get a printer that uses filament.  There are all kinds out there to choose from.  All are cool in there own ways.  But looking for one that auto levels their bed.  Watched some videos and most you need to do this yourself and it seems like a pain.  Then there is the size of the machines themselves.

Came across one what fits my needs.  Smaller with auto bed leaving and a screen on it.  It is called the Original Prusa MINI.    Watched some videos on it.  Seems easy to setup and to use.  The down size it’s in pre-order at the moment.  Then there is the price $350.00 in US money.  This is not bad compared to others printers.  If it ever ends on in a Canadian store would get it.  Plan to save up some extra money just in case.