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Darkwing Duck Gas Gun Toy

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Darkwing_Duck_Gas_Gun_ToyCame across another awesome thing I would like to 3D print.  It is a toy Darkwing Duck gas gun.  Can remember seeing this show a few times as a kid.  You can give it a look > here over at   It comes in 18 parts.  Once done printing you glue together.  Own have black PLA so if I do get around to printing this will just paint the parts after.

Slurm Can 3D Model Update

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It has been many months since I did any painting of the 3D models I have been working on.  Back in November (2022) talked about the Slurm can that came with the 3D model Fry from Futurama > here over at  Had upscaled the can, printed the parts, glued them together and then primed it.  Since then it has sat on the shelve untouched.  Well until a few days ago started painting again.  Am hoping to have it done by the end of the week.

Court of Owls Mask

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A few posts backed talked out printing a Court of Owls Mask found > here over at   Well I got around to doing that.  Scaled it down to 40%.  Didn’t want a full size mask.  All so it would have taken way too long to print, well over a day.  Before printing it.  Played around with the best way to support.  In the end tilted to 35 degrees and added three supports.  Am happy with how it turned out.  May be at some point will make a full size version.

Court Of Owls Mask

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Court_Of_Owls_MaskAm read in of the DC Comics Novels, Batman: The Court of Owls.   Am liking it a lot.  Got thinking about if there are an 3D files out there.  Found this > here over at  It is a Court of Owls Mask.  There are three version.  Not sure which one I like the most.  Think what I am going to do is downsize one of them and see what is the best way to print it.   Like do I lay it flat and and lot of supports.  Or do I keep it upright with a few supports.

Articulated Minecraft Creeper: Print-In-Place

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Have printed off another thing found over at  This > here, Articulated Minecraft Creeper: Print-In-Place.  Wanted to see if my 3D printer settings could do something like this.  Happy to say it turned out great.  Once done you can take a small knife to separate the legs.  Then just turn the head very carefully to unlock it.

Kuchi Kopi (Good & Bad)

Posted in Just something to say with tags , , , , , , on February 25, 2023 by getbent57

Kuchi_Kopi_(Good_&_Bad)You might know I am a big fan of Bob’s Burgers.  Years ago looked for some 3D files to print.  Did find a cool one but it was a paid file.  Which is fine but never got it.  Well looked the other day over at and seen this > here, Kuchi Kopi (Good & Bad).  I download it right way.  Then started to print the bad one the next day.  It’s super cool.  So when the weather gets better, going to paint it.

Ned Stark’s Sword Ice from Game of Thrones Bookmark

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Ned_Starks_Sword_Ice_BookmarkHave been watching the first season of House of the Dragon.  Got looking over at for any models from this show or Game of Thrones.  Came across this > here, Ned Stark’s Sword Ice Bookmark.  It’s a simple and quick print.  So decided to give it a try.  Upscaled it first and turned on the Ironing feature.  This took about two hours to print.  However there was a problem.  It lifted from the build plate in spots.  So going to give it another try.

A Christmas Story Leg Lamp

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A_Christmas_Story_Leg_LampMy plan last year was to 3D print the leg lamp from A Christmas Story but never got around to it.  Was going to print this one >  here from Thingiverse.  However some took that mode broke it into more parts then made it much bigger.  You can get it > here over at  Think that is supper cool.  Don’t have a spot to put this bigger version.  So I downsized the parts by %50.  So far have two parts done.   My goal is to have it printed and glued together.  So when spring comes I can paint it.

Wednesday Thing

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Wednesday_ThingHave printed off another cool file found over at  It is Thing > here from the Netflix show Wednesday.  Still haven’t  watched this show yet.  But know who Thing is from the old TV show.  Which we used to watch re-runs on Sundays as kids.  Didn’t print it full scale.  Cut it buy 50%.  Just to see how well it would turn out.   In which it did.  If I get more time will print it again at full scale.

Chibi Spider-Man

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Chibi_Spider-ManThink I have found my next 3D printing project for at again.  It this this > here a Chibi Spider-Man.  While not the biggest Spider-Man/Marvel fan this does look really cool.  All so it should be some what easy to paint.   It does seem to be designed to be printed with resin.  But I will be using my FDM printer.  The only down side is when it comes time prime it.  It’s winter here now so will have to keep my eye on the weather.