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Preacher Season 3

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The third season of AMC’s Preacher started this past Sunday night (June 24, 2018).  Have been looking forward to seeing what happens in this crazy show.  The first two seasons were awesome.  So I know this one will be just as good if not better.  The season picks right up after the events in the second season.  Right way we got to meet some new characters.  Which all have a connection to Jesse’s childhood.  Think we are in a a crazy over the tp season.  Have read that there are only going to be ten episodes this time.  The second season had 13. Doesn’t matter too much because I am sure they well all be great.

Preacher Season 3 Trailer

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It is June (2018) now so season three of AMC’s Preacher will be starting soon.  In fact the day will be June 24.  The first two season were pretty awesome.  Think this one will be even better.  You can tell from the trailer > here or below this season will be even more crazy.  Looks like there will be all kinds of new over the top characters we will get to meet.  Looking forward to see what will happen next.

Preacher Season 3 Start Date

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Have known that AMC’s Preacher is coming back for a third season.  Ever since the second season ended have been waiting to hear any news on when it would start again.  Well last week (April 9, 2018) read that the show will be back June 24, 2018.  Which is a Sunday.  So I am guess the week before that is when the first half of Fear The Walking Dead will end.  There isn’t a trailer out yet.  But soon as there is one.  Will be blogging about this awesome show again.