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Preacher Season 4 All Most Over

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As I am typing this (September 14, 2019) there are only three episodes left in season four of Preacher.  This is all the last episodes ever.  The show ends after this season.  Have been a fan since the first episode.  Will be sad to see the show done.  But that happens to every show.  At lest they will get to ended the way they want it to.  Am guessing it will be super crazy.  Over all this season as been really good.  Took me a few episodes to get back into how off the wall the show can be.  Looking forward to how it all ends.  If you haven’t see any of the seasons.  You still have time to binge before it’s all over.

Preacher Season 4

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Have some news to share about season for of AMC’s Preacher.  Have been waiting a long time to find out when the new season will start.  Turns out it will be August 4, 2019.   Just like the last season it will have ten episodes.  Season three left off with a big cliff-hanger.  Working forward to seeing what happens next.  Do have some sad news though.  This will be the last season of the show.  Makes senses that the show wouldn’t have many season.  Because the comic book series wasn’t very big.  There isn’t a trailer yet.  Am guess there will be one at this year Comic-Con.