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PlayStation Store Flash Sale June 2019

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There is a new flash sale going on in the PlayStation Store.  This one runs from today and end on June 24, 2019.  Took a look at the list and there is some real good deals to be had.  There is one I might buy, Sleeping Dogs Digital Edition.  All most bought this one so many times.  Thinks now is the time.  Its a super good price as well, $2.99.  Can’t go wrong there. [Update, never mind.  The deal is for the PS3].  You can see the full list off games > here.

PlayStation Store Flash Sale June 2017

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The trend continues.  Every month this year there has been a flash sale on the PlayStation Store.  Just like the other sales.  It covers the three platforms as well as movies/TV.  There seems to be wide mix of games.  There are some that have been on sale before.  Which kind of sucks.  However there are lots that haven’t been is these flash sales before.  Think the best deals are for the PlayStation 3.  The sales starts today (June 23, 2017) and ends on the 26th.  You can see the full list > here.

PlayStation Store Flash Sale June 2016

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PlayStation_Store_Flash_Sale_June_2016Another week which brings a flash sale to the PlayStation Store.   Last week they had a best of E3 sale.  This one they are calling save up to 80 percent on bingeworthy game.  There is a few big AAA games in there.  Some of which I all ready own like Batman: Arkham Knight and Mad Max.  Which are awesome games well with the sale price.  They is all lots of smaller games as well.  You can see if there is any thing you might want > here.  The sale runs from June 24 to the 27, 2016.