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PlayStation Store Flash Sale January 2019

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It has been less than a month ago that the PlayStation Store had a flash sale.  In that time they had a three week holiday sale.  So was surprised today that they are having one.  Took a quick look at the list of games for PlayStation 4.  Was all so surprised that the list is mostly made up of games that haven’t been in one of these sales before.  Not sure if I will get anything.  But will have to act fast if I decided to.  It starts today (January 18, 2019) and ends on the January 21.  You can see the full list > here.

PlayStation Store Flash Sale January 2018

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The first month of the new year is winding down.  So that means Sony is running a flash sale in the PlayStation Store.  As I am typing this the website is not working.  Haven’t check the store though the PlayStation itself yet.  From what I have read the games are going for around five dollars.  The site might be working later.  So can see for yourself > here.  The sales ends January 22, 2018.

PlayStation Store Flash Sale January 2017

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PSN_Flash_Sale.jpgGood news PlayStation owners.  There is the first flash sale of the new year.  The theme this time is games for going under five dollars.  There is a lot for all three platforms.  The sales starts today (January 20, 2017) and ends on 23rd.  You can see the full list of games > here.  Some of them have been on sale before.  So if you missed out the first time around now is the time to.


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BastionBack near the end of January (2016) Sony had a flash sale on the PlayStation Store.  One of the games I bought was Bastion.   Have heard get things about this game and seen some video.  Got around to playing it a few night back.  Have to say it is pretty great.  Sure it has many game play elements we all have played lots of times before.   The big differences is the voice over.  There is a guy narrating what is going on in the world, what you are doing and gives you hints on what to do next.  It is pretty cool.   Have only played a few levels so far.  Were were all good.  It was well worth the money so far.

PlayStation Store Flash Sale January 2016

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PlayStation_Store_Flash_Sale_January_2016Every now again Sony has a flash sale on the PlayStation Store.  Have only bought two games from past sales.  This time how ever bought two just from this sale.  They had a lot of great games at awesome prices.  A lot of of the games were cross buy as well.  So if you have  PS4, PS3 or Vita on the go it a very good deal.  The sale only lasts a few days January 22 to 25, 2016.  You can see all the games on sale > here.   Got myself a twenty dollar PlayStation Store card.  The games I bought are Bastion and Terraria.   Heard lots of great things about this games.   So couldn’t pass these prices up.  Bastion is going for $3.75 regular $14.99.  Terraria is $5.00 regular $19.99.