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Days Of Play 2022

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Forgot to talking about this.  A few days ago (May 25, 2022) the PlayStation Day of Play started.   They are having a sale in the PS Store as well as their mech store.  In past years other retailers would get into as well.  Not sure if that is happing.  The next time I am out will take a look around Walmart.  Would really like to the a new controller.  Don’t really want to play full price.  You can see the blog post > here.  The event ends on June 8, 2022.

Days Of Play 2021

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Days_Of_Play_2018.pngThe PlayStation Days of Play is coming back again this year.  It is all so going by a different name in spots, PlayStation Player Celebration.  They did this is that past as well.  it is a event you sign up for with you ID.  The goal is to from everyone to join in getting hours played and trophies.  When each it unlocks prizes of themes and avatars.  There will be three stages.   You have now (May 11, 202) to the 31 to sign up.  You can read more about it > here.

As for the Day of Play part.  The will be sales on game and other products.  There is not date yet.  They say it will kick off later in the month.  I do hope PlayStation Plus goes on sale.  As well as controllers.  Wanted to  get one last year but they never went on sale here.  May be there will be a few games on list going cheap as well.  We will find out soon.

PlayStation Player Celebration

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PlayStation_Player_CelebrationOn February 18, 2020 Sony opened up a community contest called PlayStation Player Celebration.  The idea once you sign up is to reach a number a games played and Trophies earned, we get prizes.  There will be three sages starting February 24 and ends on March 15.  When each stage is finished those who took part will get a PS4 theme and or a avatar.  All so for singing up you are put in a draw to win a “real-life PlayStation Platinum Trophy engraved with your PSN ID” as well as other stuff.  You can read more about the details by clicking the link above.  Am going to sign up.  You never know someone has to win.