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Far Cry 6

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Have about ten or so hours into Far Cry 6 as of typing this March 13, 2023.  It plays like past Far Cry games but adds all kinds of new stuff.   Having fun exploring, taking over checkpoints and getting the loot boxes.  Haven’t touched much of the main story let.  The only thing I don’t like so far is that the wild animals attack you way too much.  Something when you are trying to be stealthy then come up behind you.  So you end up running away or get noticed why defending yourself.

PlayStation 5 Controller Stand Remix Again

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It was back on February 5, 2023 that I uploaded my remix of a PS5 controller stand over at  Less than a month later it has been downloaded over 60 times.   Think that is super cool people like it enough to download and many be print out.  This got me thinking many be I should try my hand at making my own files or remix some more.  You can the remix I did > here.

Far Cry 6 – Hands On

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Have put about two hours into Far Cry 6 as of typing this February 27, 2023.  Am liking what I have seen and done so far.  It feels like the past Far Cry games.  However it adds a lot new to the formal as well.  Liker there is some RPG elements worked it too.  The map seems really big.  There is all so a lot of things to collect.  Which I like to do.  Can see myself put in lots of hours into this game.

No Man’s Sky Expedition Nine Utopia Finished

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A few nights ago finished the No Man’s Sky ninth expedition Utopia..  This came out with the Fractal update.  Really like this one. Was simple and to the point.  Took me about six and half hours.  Am sure took of took less time but why rush.  The award at the end, a new ship, is well worth doing this expedition for.  It’s an S class with all kinds of upgrades all ready on it.

PlayStation Plus March 2023 Game’s Line-up

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The list of free games for PlayStation Plus members for March 2023 is out.  Again there are some big ones this time around.  There is even one I have wanted to try for awhile now.  You can read the official blog post > here.  Then start downloading March 7, 2023.


Battlefield 2042

Minecraft Dungeons

Code Vein


Battlefield 2042

State Of Play February 2023 – Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

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Suicide_Squad_Kill_The_Justice_LeagueBack on February 23, 2023 Sony put out a new State of Play.  The big game they gave the most time to was Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.  When this game was announced years ago was very interested.  While after watching the video > here or below.  Not to sure now.  They said it was a 3D person shooter.  Which is all about getting better loot.  There are so many of these looter shooters as live game services out there now.  Before I even think about buying a copy will wait to see some real world gameplay.  It is set to be out May 26, 2023.

No Man’s Sky Expedition Nine Utopia

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Last week (February 22, 2023) there was a new update out for No Man’s Sky called Fractal.  Along with that came a new expedition number nine called, Utopia.  This all so happened to be the day I got my hands on Far Cry 6.  Decided to try the expedition first since there are only six weeks to complete it.  The trick with this one is you can only craft things at your bases.  All so the space station is dead so you can’t buy things there.  Think this is interesting.  Did do the first phase that night.  Working on the rest now.

Far Cry 6 – Copy Arrived

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Had a nice surprise, my copy of Far Cry 6 showed up really fast.  It only took about four days to get here.  That was very fast shipping.  This time around have send my order to the local post office instead of being delivered to the door.  The last few times they have been using a new deliver service.  I wasn’t too happy with them.  The last delivery showed up days late and was part way open.  Not sure how big the download will be but will be back with a gameplay update.

No Man’s Sky Fractal Update

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Happy to see there is a new update out for No Man’s Sky on February 22, 2023.  This one is called Fractal.  Haven’t played this in months.  Only gave the PS5 version a quick try.  So it will be nice to jump game into this new content.  All so with is update came a new expedition called Utopia.  What makes this one stand out is the star system is dead so you can’t buy items.  All so you can only craft stuff while in a base.  If you finish this expedition it unlocks a cool new looking ship.  You can read all what has been add to the update by clicking the link above.  You can see the trailer > here or below.

Far Cry 6 – Ordered A Copy

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A few posts backed talked about getting a copy of Far Cry 6 for my PlayStation 5.  Well I was in luck.  That week Ubisoft was running a free play weekend and a 70% off sale.  So took another look over at and seen it was going of $30.00 for the PS4 and PS5 versions.  So ordered a copy of the PS5.  According to the email it should be here on February 25, 2023.  Really like the other games in this series so I know I will like this one too.